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What is the operation method of disc silicone rubber ?

Writer:adminSource: Date:2020-01-16

First put B silicone rubber on the bottom of the mold according to the thickness required by the customer, then put A silicone rubber on, then put the product on A silicone rubber, then put the other half of A silicone rubber on the product, and finally put a layer of B silicone rubber, After being put into the molding machine, it can be cured and formed after about 30 minutes of high temperature and high pressure.
Use screws to fix and re-produce metal products. Take out the tenon on the disc mold to mark it, and drill or cut the mouth for filling metal liquid in the silicone mold.
Put the finished disk silicone rubber mold on the centrifuge and fill the metal material.

How many discs are A and B?
The number of silicone rubber and B silicone rubber is determined according to the size and depth of the product.

How many times do our disc silicone rubbers last when used in lead products? How many times does it last when used as a zinc product?
Lead-tin products can be used 100 to 200 times. The melting point of lead-tin is 190-200 degrees.
Zinc alloy products can only be used dozens of times, because the melting point of zinc is too high of 450 ~ 500 degrees.
The number of times the disc silicone rubber is used is related to the complexity of the customer's product pattern, and it is also related to the product raw materials that the customer needs. The number of times of turning the mold will be more, and the number of times of more complicated patterns will be less.


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