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How do electronic potting compounds recommend verified products?

Writer:adminSource: Date:2020-01-16

Electronic potting glue is divided into two types: manual pouring and machine pouring.
There are different recommended product methods for manual casting and machine casting:

Today we will mainly introduce you the manual casting method:
First ask the customer whether the product is cured by heating or at room temperature after potting.
For the products you pour into, do you require the silicone to adhere to the shell or the circuit board very well or to be convenient for maintenance in the future. If good adhesion and room temperature curing are required, condensation type electronic encapsulants such as 210 and 215 are usually used. Adhesive requirements can be recommended for the current company's hand silicone (520, 530, 540, 570, 640 and other colors can be adjusted), the condensation type generally cures very quickly in 1 hour.
Use 1: 1 and 10: 1 for heating and curing. It can be cured within a few minutes of heating. Generally, it can be heated at about 80 ~ 100 degrees (the temperature of the electronic components is not very high). The curing time can be achieved. Very fast. For example, the curing time of the silicone for dental molds is very fast. The most important thing is to ask the customer if there are any special requirements for the operating time and curing time.

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