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What should I do if the cake mold made with platinum cure silicone does not cure? Date:2020-02-27

Everyone in the market often sees cakes of various shapes and patterns, and the colors are very beautiful.
Therefore, I hope that I can make some beautiful cakes.

At this time, of course, we need to use our food grade silicone rubber from Hongyejie to make cake molds.
Everyone knows that our Hongyejie HY-E610, HY-E620 and HY-E625 are very suitable for making cake molds of various sizes. However, some novice friends encountered the problem of the mold not curing during the first use of our above food grade silicone to make the cake mold. What should we do at this time?


When the platinum cure silicone does not cure, we must first know what causes the silicone to not cure.

1. When food grade silicone encounters some N, S, P organic compounds or some Sn, As, Hg, Ph heavy metal compounds, it will not cure. So we need to check if the mold used to make the cake mold contains these substances. If it contains a small amount of these substances, it can be tested by curing by applying some alcohol on the surface of the mold and then taking a small amount of silicone rubber.
2. When food grade silica gel meets condensation condensed silica gel, it will not cure. Therefore, when using food grade silicone rubber, make sure that the tools used are not in contact with the condensation silicone.
3. Before use, make sure that the silicone A and B components are not in any contaminated contact, otherwise it may cause non-curing.
4. When using, A and B components must be mixed strictly according to the proportion, can not be added or added less.
5. During the operation, the temperature of the rtv silicone must be higher than 15 °C. If the temperature of the silica gel is too low in winter, the food grade silicone rubber cannot be cured.

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