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The clone was once so hot, do you know the secrets about clones? Decrypt!


At the beginning of the last century, H. J. Webber coined the term "cloning," which refers to other individuals that were produced by asexual reproduction by a single ancestor. After the experiments of countless scientists, in 1996, after the birth of the somatic cell clone sheep "Dolly", the clone quickly became the focus of attention of the world. At the same time, with regard to the human side, scientific further innovation, "this 3.2-kilogram "Eve" baby girl appeared in front of the world. Rael said: "Nothing can stop science.


Yes, the power of science is powerful. Over time, he can present many things that are impossible to happen in front of us. Now in 2019, an important year in the new century, scientists are still working hard to study the secrets of human cloning. Maybe you will say that cloning is too complicated and it is a bit of a headache. It is better to learn about this fake clone along with me.



False cloning, as the name implies, does not really rely on the combination of human sperm and egg, and the birth of a new life through asexual reproduction. It's a material that will make you look exactly like everyone else. Here I has to mention a new type of material ------ liquid silicone.
Perhaps it is more appropriate to describe it with makeup and easy surgery. With this two-component liquid silicone, you can easily change your face. Anyone who wants to change, Michael Jackson? Marilyn Monroe? Jackie Chan? All meet you! !


So how to operate? Super simple. Two-component liquid silica gel, two components of AB, mixed in strict proportion to the weight of 1:1, evenly stirred, and then fixed in 4-5 hours, your favorite human skin mask was born.


Then you will ask, will this material be toxic? Let me tell you, please feel free to use it. This silicone is FDA-approved by the food grade, and it's straightforward! Even if you eat it, there will be nothing. Of course, I do not recommend eating it.
Will this material be oily? will not. Strictly control, layer-by-layer process, every step is strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 quality certification system operation, to ensure that you say good after use.
Is this material realistic? Super high. A little wrinkle on the face, even a texture, can be easily copied. No need to worry about skin color and feel, just tear, 940% elongation, 0.1% line shrinkage, and full simulation.
Is this material contaminated? Some unidentified small factories are not as strict as quality control. But the red leaf liquid silicone, 21-year-old manufacturer, gives you high quality, high quality silicone. The layer filtration process is only to provide you with a quality product. Those who used the aisle Corning and Wacker silica gel, after using the glue of the red leaf, are not happy.
Is this material dangerous? will not. Express, air, and maritime security, do not worry about being investigated.
Is this material expensive? Not expensive. The price is close to the people, you can definitely afford it. Factory prices, there is no middleman to make a difference, to ensure that you get high quality products at reasonable prices.


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