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With it, no worries in Summer

When the summer is hot, the beautiful girl can take out the beautiful clothes she has collected. Once in the summer, she must have a suspender dress and a camisole, which is both cool and can show her body. However, many suspenders are off-the-shoulders, so regular underwear is very inconvenient, neither beautiful nor convenient. At this time, you need a silicone chest sticker, with it, suspender skirt, one shoulder, late Dresses, halter-mounted, all in one. There are many benefits to silicone chest pads, such as: 1. The biggest advantage is that the silicone chest stick has a strong adhesiveness and can be attached to the human body without a shoulder strap; 2. Silicone chest stickers can be made very small, without the feeling of being tied, and the summer wear is relatively refreshing; 3. Most silicone chest stickers on the market are skin color or transparent, and the invisible effect is better. The raw material of the silicone chest paste is liquid silica gel. The liquid silicone gel is a liquid material which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless, resistant to high and low temperature, and has very stable chemical properties. His use is very wide. In addition to making chest stickers, it can also be used in construction, man-made stone moulding, electronic potting, human prosthetics, leather goods, and sofa cushions. Shenzhen Hongye Silicone has been focusing on the silicone industry for 21 years and has a very high reputation and reputation in China.

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