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Do you know how to find faithworthy silicone suppl...

As the Internet more popular in the world, people can find the preferred supplier easily. But there will also be someone who know little about how find good manufacturer of rtv2 silicone rubber in China on the net. So let Hong Ye Silicone Rubber show you some instructions about this: The former emails we shared with you: (1) tin cure silicone for gypsum/concrete/stone/resin etc mold making (2) platinum cure silicone for penis, vagina,sex dolls, medical stitch practise casting and mold making etc (3) Liquid silicone rubber for electronic potting, such as LED,LCD, PCB potting and so on. (4) Change silicone performance , such as operate time and cure time, thicken and thin changing of silicone. (5) Liquid silicone foam replacing PU foam (6) Change silicone hardness with two codes of silicone (7) Liquid silicone gel transparent (8) How to add pigment to silicone (9) How to heat print silicone to cloth (10) How to make silicone mold with three ways 1 Usually if people buy silicone rubber in bulk and want to save more cost in shipping and Customs clearance, then you can use some B2B platform. In China, Alibaba and Made-in-China are most popular for this, so it’ll help you more. Such as, you can search “HONGYE SILICONE” on alibaba or Made-in-China, then you will know that we are alibaba gold member for 15 years and Made-in-China gold member for 12 years. So you can judge “HONGYE SILICONE” might be a reliable supplier, after you talking with us, finally you do have faith in us with our silicone rubber liquid.   2 If you are bored with B2B researching, why not try to search “HONGYE SILICONE” in Facebook or Instagram? Not familiar with it, so easy. Facebook and Instagram are much popular apps among people, younger, or older. And it’ll be more flexible and funny only if you use it. There are videos, photos, comments, sharing and others, so try a new way is not a bad thing, yeah?   3 Another way to search “HONGYE SILICONE”, by Amazon or Ebay B2C platform. But these are small business, even you’ll not find us on it. Since it’s difficult to buy liquid silicone rubber in bulk in it. 4 Asking people who use our HONGYE SILICONE and is satisfied with us. Then you can get infos from them, since our silicone is selling to more than 138 countries whole the world. So we will advise you to use the first two ways to find silicone rubber supplier, it’s creditworthy and long-standing. Wish you can start your great business with silicone rubber all the time. Surely, any inquiries about rtv2 liquid silicone rubber, HONGYE SILICONE will be your first partner in China. #rtv2siliconerubber #liquidsiliconerubber #silikonrubber #silicone #rubberliquid #rtv2liquidsilicone

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