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fierce! How much do you know about silicone rubber used in many places in cars

Writer:adminSource: Date:2020-05-29

The car is a rigid product for every household at present. What do you know about the silicone gel used in the car? Introduce to you: air bag (car door, silicone gel vacuum bag mold for engine cover system function), battery power module, automobile fuel pump, etc


Use of electronic potting products

Electronic encapsulated silicone gel two component silicone silicone gel is a new type of insulating material synthesized by organosilicon. It has the characteristics of no heat release, no corrosion and low shrinkage. It is suitable for various sealing and power modules of electronic components, and the filling system of automotive fuel pump forms an insulation system.

Features are as follows

● room temperature curable, easy to use;

● keep elasticity in a wide temperature range, with excellent insulation performance;

● waterproof, dampproof, mildew proof, dust-proof, fixed components, chemical resistant, yellowing resistant, weather aging resistant.

Application process of potting adhesive

1. Before mixing, first mix component A and component B in their respective containers.

2. When mixing, observe the weight ratio of component A: component B = 1:1.

3. The curing effect of potting adhesive is greatly affected by temperature. When the temperature is too low in winter, it can be heated properly to accelerate curing.


Precautions for filling silicone rubber

1. Sealing compound shall be sealed for storage. The mixed rubber should be used up once to avoid waste.

2. This product is not dangerous, but do not enter and eyes, if not careful, can be cleaned with water.

3. After storage for some time, the silicone gel may be layered. Please use after mixing evenly, without affecting the performance.

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