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A new type of silica gel material for environmenta...

Special silicone gel and high-performance silicone gel are relatively large gaps in the domestic market, so there are three types of special adhesives: flame retardant adhesive, low-grade adhesive and liquid adhesive, with high requirements for scientific and technological content. As the name implies, liquid silicone gel is a kind of liquid with fluidity. Liquid silicone gel is food grade silicone gel, which can be directly contacted with human body. It is mainly used in baby nipple, cake mold, electronic appliances, intelligent silicone gel bracelet, medical infusion catheter and cooking utensils. When the liquid silicone gel is formed, that is to say, the liquid silicone gel is not added with curing agent. With the rapid development of China's economy and the continuous improvement of living standards, people are more and more aware of the safety and health of daily necessities, and have higher requirements for the transparency, mechanical strength, elasticity and breast milk reality of silicone rubber products. In particular, the requirements for the hygienic grade of baby products are increasing day by day, and the requirements for the hygienic grade of the selected materials are also increasing accordingly.   Liquid forming silicone rubber includes injection molding rubber series with moderate viscosity. It can pump, measure, mix and form the whole process continuously, automatically, and can form products or complex shapes or structures. General liquid forming silicone gel products, forming speed is fast, in 20 to 30 seconds can be completed in one time, cycle is not more than 60 seconds. Time saving, labor saving, cost saving, energy saving and efficient. Low forming pressure, accurate measurement, high mold precision, no defect and flash of products, saving raw materials and labor costs. High tearing, good resilience, weather resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, yellow and deformation resistance. The addition liquid silicone rubber products are safe, nontoxic and have excellent performance, which are suitable for the use of modern people, and become the most popular product in the market. The raw material of liquid silicone rubber is necessary because of its excellent chemical inertness and high sanitary grade. From the product classification, application characteristics and precautions of silicone gel, silicone rubber raw materials and liquid silicone gel raw materials, there will be their own differences. The application technology and main applications of silicone gel raw materials and liquid silicone gel raw materials are well known. We can find, research and explore more. Shenzhen hong ye jie Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology group company specialized in the production, R & D and sales of organosilicon, liquid forming silicone gel, liquid forming silicone gel, high temperature fluidizing silicone gel, condensation room temperature mold silicone rubber, electronic potting adhesive, pad printing adhesive and their series products. Now, it has become a leading silicone gel manufacturer in the world, with a technical team specializing in the production of a wide range of silicone gel and silicone rubber products, with excellent performance, superior quality and complete specifications. More liquid silicone gel, silicone gel raw materials, silicone rubber, liquid plus forming silicon Likang, liquid plus forming silicone gel, liquid plus forming silicone gel product knowledge, welcome customers and dealers to negotiate,

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