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Hong Ye Silicone holiday notice

Writer:adminSource: Date:2020-06-30

Another interpretation of zongzi PK war

Zongzi is one of the traditional festival foods of the Chinese nation. It appeared as early as the spring and Autumn period. In the Jin Dynasty, zongzi became the Dragon Boat Festival food. However, the most representative is the difference of sweet and salty taste between the north and the south.


North and South zongzi == Big PK


First round: history, North wins

Sweet zongzi was born in the Northern Song Dynasty

Xianzongzi was born in the early Ming Dynasty


Before the Northern Song Dynasty, zongzi was boiled with water soaked in plant ash, which had no taste at all. It was not until the Northern Song Dynasty that sweet rice dumplings appeared. Zhang Lei's works in the Northern Song Dynasty mentioned: "the water ball is wrapped in ice and sugar, and there are transparent corn and pine."


Xianzongzi was first recorded in the Ming Dynasty diet book "Zhuyu Mountain House miscellaneous department". The stuffing needed for making zongzi included a kind of "pork stuffing".


Second round: practicality, South wins

The North treats zongzi as a snack

Rice dumplings are the staple food in southern China


In the north, pasta is the main food, and the food made of glutinous rice is usually used as a snack. Therefore, people like to add dates and red beans to rice dumplings and dip them in sugar.


In the south, rice dumplings are mainly for meals. For glutinous rice dumplings, the quantity is large and the tubes are full. They are not only staple food, but also snacks. Therefore, most of the southern rice dumplings are salted meat ones.


Round 3: category, South wins

Southern rice dumplings bloom everywhere

The northern zongzi category is single


Southern rice dumplings differ from provinces and cities. Here are a few.

Salted meat dumplings: mung bean, fat pork, salted egg yolk as stuffing.


The Dragon Boat Festival is coming, the shape is changeable, the taste rich zongzi, will become the leading role on the dining table again, everybody holiday also enjoys well.

The holiday notice of HONG YE SILICONE (China silicone factory) is as follows: June 25-27, 2020, 3 days off, June 28, 2020.

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