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More and more environmentally friendly silicone rubber products have you ever seen?

Writer:adminSource: Date:2020-06-30

More and more environmentally friendly silicone rubber products have you ever seen?

Our common environmental protection silicone rubber products are: silicone rubber bowl, silicone rubber spoon, silicone rubber kitchenware, silicone rubber fresh-keeping box, silicone nipple, silicone milk bottle, silicone cake mold, silicone Candy Mold, silicone mobile phone shell, silicone rubber asphalt bag, etc

Let's learn how to make silicone asphalt bags and what are their characteristics


Overview of high temperature resistant silicone coating on asphalt bags

At present, many countries without imperfect industrial system and refineries have no choice but to import asphalt materials for pavement facilities to meet the needs of infrastructure facilities. However, the imported transportation links are generally transported by sea or land, while the packaging cost of traditional plastic barrels and iron drums is too high. At present, bag packaging has become the main packaging Party of many asphalt manufacturers In this paper. In the long-term transportation process, the leakage proof and anti sticking of asphalt packaging bags have been the urgent problems for many manufacturers.

High temperature resistant coating of asphalt bag is a kind of high molecular silicone material, which is a new type of environmental protection material with high temperature resistance (180 ℃ and 220 ℃), and has good adhesion with different materials. After the inner layer of packaging bag is coated with silicone rubber, the problem of asphalt leakage prevention can be solved. Due to the low density value of silicone rubber, the silicone layer after vulcanization molding is coated with silicone rubber After covering, the package will not have too much weight increase, which can achieve the purpose of leak proof, but will not increase the transportation cost


Characteristics of high temperature and leak proof coated silicone rubber for asphalt bags:

1. After the asphalt bag is coated with silicone rubber, the high temperature resistance of the inner bag silicone rubber layer can reach 180 ℃ - 220 ℃;

2. After vulcanization, the waterproof grade of silicone rubber can reach ipx7, which can effectively prevent asphalt leakage;

3. The coating of silicone rubber can be operated by hand or spraying, which is simple and convenient and can be completed by one person;

4. The tear resistance and tensile ductility of the inner bag coated with silicone rubber will be greatly increased, and it will not be damaged easily, providing the safety of transportation.

5. The silicone rubber layer in the inner bag of asphalt bag has good chemical inertness and can be separated from asphalt, which can effectively achieve the purpose of anti sticking and prevent waste of asphalt materials due to packaging problems.


Parameter reference:

Color: White / translucent

Viscosity (CS): 21000 ± 2000

Specific gravity (g / cm 3): 1.08

Hardness (a °): 30

Tensile strength (MPA): 4.5

Tear strength (KN / M): 28 ± 2

Elongation (%): 480

Curing agent proportion (%): 3-5%

Operation time (mins): 30

Curing time (hours): 2-4

High temperature resistance: 180 ℃

Waterproof grade: ipx7

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