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Fashionable silicone watch with compass and thermometer?

Writer:adminSource: Date:2020-08-31

With the development of economy and science and technology, today's society is paying more and more attention to environmental protection. Many products also use environmental protection materials, so the use range of silicone rubber materials is more and more extensive.


Nowadays, some manufacturers also use silicone materials in the production of high-end watches. Recently, a mobile phone with compass and temperature agent has been found in the market. It has fashionable appearance and multi-function, which has attracted the attention of many customers. But if you look closely, you can see that his material is very different from other watches. Most of them are made of silicone. Why is it made of silicone rubber?

Because of the good softness of silicone, it can better fit the wrist, and compared with the heavy metal, the silicone material is lighter and more convenient. Secondly, silicone rubber has waterproof, moisture-proof, high-temperature resistance function, can better protect the dial from damage. Finally, even if the watch is accidentally dropped on the ground, silicone rubber also has the function of cushioning shock absorption, reducing damage.

In addition, silica gel can also be used in many aspects, which brings us a lot of convenience. If you want to know more, you can contact Hong Ye Silicone.

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