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Silicone rubber for medical scar paste

Writer:adminSource: Date:2020-08-31

1、 Special silicone rubber for medical scar stickers is a kind of transparent two-component platinum cure silicone adhesive with viscosity, which is cured by heating. Due to the need to increase the viscosity of the product, it contains a small amount of organic solvent, so pay attention to safety protection during the use. This product has good adhesion after curing, and can be used for adhesive label, adhesive tape and other products. Through FDA, ROHS, MSDS and other third-party certification, it can be used safely.

The silicone rubber scar paste made of finished products can be used in acne scald scar, acne scar, hypertrophic scar, scar after laser cosmetic surgery, scar after micro plastic surgery, surgical operation and scar after caesarean section. Food grade silicone gel scar paste has the functions of breathability, fast drying, softness, waterproof, protection, and so on, and changes the scar through the hydration of the stratum corneum. The structure of the scar tissue makes the scar soften, shrink, flatten and fade.


2、 Application process of silicone rubber for medical scar paste:

1). Before mixing, mix component A and component B thoroughly in their respective containers.

2). When mixing, the weight ratio of component A: component B = 1:1 shall be observed.

3). The silicone rubber for medical scar stickers can be directly poured, scraped or sprayed.

4). Since this product contains organic solvents, attention should be paid to safety protection (wearing masks, gloves, protective glasses, fire prevention, etc.) in the process of use. Before the product is formed, it should be heated to remove solvent to ensure the performance of the product.

The following substances may hinder the curing of the product, or uncured phenomenon occurs. Therefore, after simple experimental verification, the application parts shall be cleaned if necessary.

Incomplete curing condensed silicone

Amine cured epoxy resin

Solder flux


3、 Special silicone rubber for medical scar stickers

1). The rubber compound should be sealed and stored. The mixed rubber should be used up at one time to avoid waste.

2). This product has certain danger, please pay attention to safety protection.

3). After storage for a period of time, it can be used after mixing evenly without affecting the performance.

4. Contact with the following chemicals will prevent the glue from curing:

a. Organotin compounds and silicone rubber containing organotin.

b. Sulfur, sulfide and sulfur-containing rubber and other materials.

c. Amines and materials containing amines.

In the process of use, please pay attention to avoid contact with the above substances.


6、 Package specification:

Silicone rubber for medical scar paste: 40kg / set. (component a 20kg + component B 20kg)


7、 Storage and transportation:

1. The storage life of this product is 6 months.

2. Such products are non hazardous and can be transported as general chemicals.

3. Products beyond the shelf life should be confirmed whether there is abnormal before use.

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