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China's silicone rubber development status-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

The status of HTV silicone rubber due to the country's industrial structure, high-level structure of the silicone is not the same silicone rubber such as the United States accounts for 25% -30% of the silicone market, about 40% in Europe, Japan and more than 50% of which nearly half are hot vulcanized silicone rubber, silicone rubber in China accounted for a greater proportion of about 60%. China's hot-vulcanized silicone rubber is mainly used for electrical and electronic industry, office automation equipment and automotive industry, with the development of national economy, the demand for heat curing silicone rubber is not less than 20% of the speed of growth.
The heat curing silicone rubber silicone market share of sales accounted for about 10%, sales up 30% -40%. The use of heat curing silicone rubber can be broadly divided into extrusion products 5%, 30% of the molded products, wire and cable 30%, 5% of the coating materials, the consumption growth rate of 4% -5%.
In developed countries, HTV silicone rubber raw rubber and compound the scale of production and production technology has reached a high level, as early as the early 1960s, Dow Corning will have a kiloton continuous polymerization device. In China the earliest in the HTV silicone rubber and raw production unit Chenguang Chemical Research Institute and the Institute of Jilin Chemical Industrial Company, a production plant was built in 1060, annual production capacity is 5 tons. The country's total production capacity of approximately 125,000 tons. The actual production in 2004 was about 55,000 tons (including joint venture's production), the production process of static mixers frontier method and the double boiler in parallel semi-continuous method. Static mixed continuous method has the advantages of low energy consumption, less investment in equipment, the disadvantage is that higher levels of raw materials, operating requirements, not a single set of capabilities; the advantages of the double boiler parallel semi-continuous method is the operating flexibility, you can achieve a larger scale The production, currently a single set of annual production capacity has reached 5000 tons. However, domestic manufacturers of silicone rubber prevalence of low productivity, supporting technology is imperfect, mainly the production of low-end mix and other issues, high-quality rubber had to rely on imports.
Currently the fastest growing silicon rubber applications is the production of conductive keys, centralized production plants in Shenzhen, Xiamen, Nantong, key plastic has become the largest user of the heat curing silicone rubber; silicone rubber insulator arrester instead of porcelain, work steel insulators, surge arresters can be used in the harsh climate and environment, now abroad, has been used extensively for power transmission system, China's developed coastal areas have begun to adopt a very broad market prospects; Silastic production car with sealant in China with a capacity of tons, hot vulcanized silicone rubber is about 3000 tons, and the amount of the silicone rubber also a significant increase in car quality improvement; In addition, the silicone rubber in the power cable, nuclear power plants, ship The pinout of the control cables, internal wiring of electronic equipment, motors, color TV, etc. have a very good application prospects.
In the civilian aspects of the manufacturing HTV silicone rubber nipple of the breast-feeding bottles, thermos bottle stopper, pressure cooker, washer and food vending machine hose has a lot of raw rubber and rubber has been exported to foreign countries, as the morning hospital years ago, pacifier use rubber exports to Iran, marks the silicone rubber products in China has entered the international market. In the field of modern medicine, the silicone rubber has been very extensive and important use for the manufacture of silicone rubber Earplugs Silastic attract the fetal head, artificial blood vessels, tympanic membrane repair piece, artificial airway, artificial lungs, artificial bone, Silastic duodenum, etc., very good efficacy. In recent years, market consumption is growing rapidly.

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