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The main properties and applications of the Silastic-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

        Organic silicon material mainly composed of silicone oil, silicone rubber, silicone and silane coupling agent, four major categories, Silastic silicone products, the largest output, the most widely used category of products. Consisting mainly of high molecular weight linear polysiloxane. Due to the Si-O-Si bond is a basic key type, silicon atoms connected mainly methyl side chain on the introduction of a very small amount of unsaturated groups, the role of small molecules, molecular spiral structure, methyl outward arrangement can rotate freely, silicone rubber vulcanization with excellent resistance to high and low temperature, weather resistance, water repellency, electrical insulation, physical inertia characteristics, in the defense industry, health care, industrial and agricultural production and people's daily life wide range of applications.
The main performance and application of Silastic silicone rubber according to the curing temperature, can be divided into high-temperature (heating) vulcanization and room temperature vulcanizing two categories, high-temperature plastic used in the manufacture of a variety of silicone rubber products, while the room temperature plastic as adhesives, potting materials or mold. A hot vulcanizing silicone rubber (HTV) heat curing silicone rubber is one of the most important class of silicone products, methyl vinyl silicone rubber (VMQ) is the most important species in the HTV, commonly known as high-temperature plastic. Methyl vinyl silicone rubber (raw rubber) is a colorless, odorless, nontoxic, no mechanical impurities jelly, raw rubber reinforcing agent according to need to add the appropriate structure of the control agent, curing agent mixing together, and then heating up to a molding or extrusion molding, a variety of products made by the Sec sulfide. Its products with excellent electrical insulation, anti-arcing, corona, EDM capability is strong, waterproof, moisture, impact resistance, shock resistance, with physical inertia, permeability and other properties. Mainly used in aerospace, instrumentation, electrical and electronic, marine, metallurgy, machinery, automotive, health and other departments to do a variety of shapes, seals, gaskets, pipe, cable, do the human organs, blood vessels, breathable membrane and rubber molds and precision casting mold release agents. 2, room temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber (RTV), RTV silicone rubber generally include two categories of condensation and molding. Add molding at room temperature glue is linear polysiloxane has a vinyl-based adhesive, hydrogen siloxane crosslinking agent, crosslinking reaction occurs in the presence of a catalyst at room temperature to temperature elastomer. It has good heat resistance, water repellency, electrical insulation, due to the introduction of reactive terminal groups, it has excellent physical and mechanical properties, especially on the tensile strength, relative elongation and tear strength improved. It is suitable for a variety of curing methods, such as radiation vulcanization, peroxide cured molding sofa, widely used in heat, moisture, electrical insulation, high strength silicone rubber products, etc.. Condensation RTV silicone rubber is characterized by Si-OH condensation reaction between other active substances, at room temperature can be cross-linked elastomer Silastic products are divided into single-component packaging and component packaging two form. One-component room temperature vulcanizing silicone rubber (referred to as RTV-1 gel) is the condensation of liquid silicone rubber, the main products. Usually prepared from the base polymer, crosslinking agent, catalyst, fillers and additives. Product packaging in a sealed hose extrusion, after contact with air, self-curing elastomers, extremely easy to use. Vulcanized rubber in the -60 - 200 ° C temperature range of long-term use, has excellent electrical insulation properties and chemical stability, the ability of water, ozone resistance, resistance to weathering, good adhesion on a wide range of metallic and nonmetallic materials. Mainly used for a variety of electronic components and electrical equipment, coating, encapsulation materials, insulation, moisture, shock; as surface protection materials for semiconductor devices; also be used as the sealing caulking compounds flexible bonding agent. RTV-1 plastic to facilitate the use of two-component RTV silicone rubber (referred to as RTV-2 gel), but its component ratio is varied, a variety that can be vulcanized products for a variety of specifications performance, but also the depth of sulfide which is widely used in electronic appliances, automobiles, machinery, construction, textile, chemical, light industry, printing industry for insulation, packaging, caulking, sealing, moisture, seismic and production of the roller of the material. In addition, RTV-2 has excellent mold release, and thus a large number of soft mold material used to copy and manufacture of artifacts, crafts, toys, electronic appliances, machine parts, etc.. In addition, RTV rubber used as a large number of building joint seal, from work to bond and seal the following class curtain wall and high-rise buildings, new construction in the form of adhesive seal, but also for road and airport runway joint seals, lightweight composite roof The flame retardant encapsulant materials and cable channels, etc.; in the health care industry, primarily used for a variety of prostheses, impression materials.

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