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The application of the Silastic-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Silastic silicone materials one of the four categories of products, with resistance to weathering, resistant to high temperature, resistant Arc Corona, the electrical insulation of high strength and physical inertia of a series of excellent performance, it is widely used in aviation, aerospace, cable, electronic, electrical, chemical, instrumentation, automotive, machinery and other industries as well as health and daily life.
In aviation and aerospace applications
Silastic have been widely used for various hose inside the aircraft and spacecraft. Sealing washers and gaskets, shock buffer layer, the hot air ducts, switch jacket, oxygen mask, the direction of the starting jet engines used hoses, shock absorption of the heat sink, ailerons mechanical transmission device connector protective cover and brake cups, pads of various pipe hoop, fire partitions, instrumentation, hoses and cushion. Most of the exposed system of modern high-speed aircraft, such as the cockpit, the **** cabin, landing gear, and photography like empty tank compartment hole seals are silicone rubber produced. According to reports, a Boeing 707 airliner with 500 kg of silicone rubber, a the XB-70 to? 000 kg of silicone rubber. For the silicone rubber seals, valve, hose, etc. a large number of astronauts breathe high-pressure oxygen equipment.
In the cable industry
Silicone rubber insulated cables and wires can be long-term exposed to 150-200 C, high temperature, and remains flexible even at 350 ℃. When the silicone rubber insulator in the combustion of decomposition to generate: a conductive residue silica, and still plays the insulation. Therefore, outsourcing the glass fiber braided sleeve of silicone rubber insulated cables, etc., when the insulator is completely burnt to maintain the ability to work. Silicone rubber insulated cable power cables, marine cables, heating cables, ignition cables and atomic energy installations cables and so on. Silicone rubber-insulated power cables to replace the existing organic rubber insulated cables, can significantly increase the load of the power to configure the device, so that power is increased by about 90%. Ship cables for the building of ships and water floating for power, lighting, signal, control and communication links.
Ship cable must meet the following requirements:
7. Able to adapt to the conditions of the world's climate
Two. Not only can withstand the cold, but also the high temperature and the humid
3. Has excellent electrical properties, and resistance to seawater erosion and mildew
4. Have good flexibility, easy to install.
The silicone rubber insulation materials, ship cables fully meet the above requirements. Heat-resistant silicone rubber, low moisture absorption rate, and has good thermal conductivity, tasteless, it is the ideal heating cable insulation materials. The car using the silicon rubber insulated ignition cable is not only able to withstand higher clock; in voltage, and has excellent electrical properties, resistance to ozone and does not produce the surface discharge. Silicone rubber insulated wire is also widely used for the connection of the radio engineering equipment, (i) grade motor and transformer lead wire, all kinds of electrical appliances, dolphin armature wire.

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