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Bronzing Silastic-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Bronzing performance of silicone rubber:
The bronzing Silastic it silica gel plates, the heat carrier, the fine pattern transfer to the products above. The colors red, yellow, green, white four.
The requirements of the silica gel plate: 350 ~ 400 ℃ high temperature hardness accordance with the requirements of the customer printed pattern and the general hardness of 40A ° 50A ° 60A ° 70A ° to 80A ° ranges.
Bronzing the use of silicone rubber:
Mainly used for the Schomburg plastic toys, crafts, gifts, hardware, electronics, specialty printing industry high temperature, thermal transfer, new materials, special high temperature products, hot stamping plate, hot stamping silicone roller, heat transfer and so on.
Gilt plate, there are two: one is silicone and aluminum paste together; another without aluminum.
The bronzing Silastic operating instructions:
Open an aluminum mold, iron mold or copper mold, the kind of up and down together, like a box, the first mold is clean.
Second, within the entire mold brushing a layer of release agent (mold release agents can be Vaseline or detergent), its dry later following the operation.
Filled in the mold at the bottom of the top of the aluminum (top of an aluminum preferably marked with holes, in order to enhance the adhesion of silica gel and aluminum), put away the aluminum, aluminum cleaning but also clean aluminum painted on the bonding agent. Filled aluminum block, and that really works is the top piece. (Filled block of aluminum to adjust to suppress a thickness of the silica gel plate bronzing silicone and aluminum two together, put away)
Note: brushing the top piece of aluminum above the sky and water, but also help to increase the adhesion between the silicone and aluminum.
, Cutting the silica gel, silica gel plate is best 1 cm around than aluminum, because the process of repression, the silica gel as four weeks extension. To aluminum and silica gel plates from a slowly Shop up, and then a wooden stick to make a silicone board from a rolled. The purpose of doing so is the rush of air. To do so to suppress the good between silicone and aluminum, there is no air, no air bubbles, the bond would be better.
To get the aluminum case on the suppression of the molding machine.
10 tons of pressure and 150-250 temperature, one hour later, the mold pull out, after cooling, remove the gilt plate.
(Special note: silicone panel pattern can be when doing mold engraving to cover up, to do so must be a suitable mass production, otherwise the pattern of the problem is likely to cause a waste of the mold. Mold above without carving patterns, suppressing good aluminum can get the engraving machine carving patterns.)

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