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2012 LED market, "Who Controls"-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

A return to rational prices and promote market return spring
After two years of market regulation, skyrocketing housing prices around the momentum eased. According to the latest reports, in 2011, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, more than 70 cities, prices have decreased in varying degrees. December 9, the Politburo meeting, the conference made it clear that next year will implement a proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy to adhere to the real estate control policy unswervingly promote the prices reasonable reunification, and promote the healthy development of the real estate market. It is worth mentioning is that the 2012 will have a number of protection of housing under construction, which will speed up housing prices return to the rational. The decline in housing prices will stimulate consumers purchase positive, while the lower reaches of home building materials market will usher in the spring.
, E-commerce craze will sweep the industry
Although many of the traditional lighting manufacturers also insisted that the lighting products not suitable for online sales, but the lighting of Taobao Mall brand is growing rapidly, and is leaps and bounds in sales. In March 2011, the Habitat worry-free lighting mall project was officially launched, attracting industry are deeply concerned about. Up to now, the excellent lighting brands flagship store has more than 100, more than 30 provinces and cities nationwide pipeline service providers already in place, several optimization and upgrading of mall business model has the basic shape. I believe that well after the opening of the Habitat worry-free lighting store, lighting industry will be running into the age of electronic commerce.
Three LED companies will expand the pipeline war
In recent years, the pace of development of LED lighting very unexpected, traditional overseas LED upstream leading enterprises have vied for the Chinese market, such as Cree, Puri, Philips, Osram, GE and other international lighting giant is also a strong attack, sun lighting, Upper yaming, NVC excellent domestic brands, has begun to flex its muscles in the field of lighting applications. Although the LED market is a popular, but because of the pipeline construction is lagging behind, LED lighting products in the terminal market has not yet win the favor of consumers. Have the pipeline who in the world. It is understood that the SFT, Germany Runda, Maile Si, a number of powerful LED business is to increase the pipeline construction efforts, I believe 2012 will be the LED lighting pipeline construction year under their guidance.
Fourth, the pace of enterprise capital operation to speed up
Country star power, NVC, really bright, Lehman, photoelectric, Kingsun ... In recent years, a large number of lighting companies have access to capital markets. Up to now, the domestic market lighting companies has more than 50 at least fivefold more than five years ago. According to sources, there are more than 100 LED silicone lighting companies in the queue listing. In addition to listing, mergers and acquisitions is also a torrent undercurrents. A conservative estimate, in 2012 there will be no less than three companies listed on the event of mergers and acquisitions of at least three cases.
Five, phosphor prices ebb and flow
In 2011, fluorescent powder to sit a trip to a roller coaster. By the State to strengthen the influence of rare earth resource management, the fluorescent lamps used in tricolor fluorescent powder prices rise, mid-June from the beginning of 250 yuan to 300 yuan / kg, has risen to 2500 yuan to 2800 yuan / kilograms, or nearly nine times. Fluorescent powder prices skyrocketing, many energy-saving lamp enterprises, "too much". Despite the price of the second half of the phosphor gradually return to normal levels, but once the national news on the control of rare earth resources and then baked, hot money reflux fluorescent powder prices will likely ride the roller coaster again. How do fluorescent powder inventory planning, will be energy-saving lamp the capillary enterprises and finished products companies must carefully consider the issue.
Six, marketing activities focus on end-market
To find a beautiful area, a bustling open a Distributor Conference, eat, drink, let the dealer to buy the product to purchase playing paragraph, which has been lighting business music is not he the old marketing routines. Today, companies and businesses are more realistic, to teach him to fish than giving them fish. So, more and more lighting business, according to the requirements of the agents marketing before the event moved to the end of the market, dealers theme of the conference more is how to combine the local market, explore the practical program of action. It is understood that the SFT Lighting and BDO Runda marketing activities planned in the terminal market have been announced. In 2012, the lighting industry market terminal marketing activities Haoxiliantai to.

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