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The thermal conductivity of silica gel pad in the application of power supply products Date:2013-04-23

       The switching power supply insulation, temperature resistance, voltage, thermal conductivity and fireproofing materials:
The soft silicone thermal pad, craft thickness from 0.5mm--5mm, 0.5mm one of 0.5mm 1mm 1.5mm 2mm to 5mm; special requirements may be increased to 10mm, the thermal conductivity of up to 2.45w/mk, at the same time with very good insulating properties and fire retardant properties to meet the UL 94V-0 requirements, and comply with EU SGS environmental protection authentication, the operating temperature is generally -50 ℃ ~ 220 ℃; therefore, it is very good thermal conductivity material. features soft, specifically for the design of production and clearance to transfer heat to fill the gap, to complete the heating components and heat sinks, heat transfer, increase the heat conduction area, and also play a shock, insulation, sealing effect; to meet the social equipment miniaturization, ultra-thin design requirements, the very process and use of the new materials and the thickness of the wide range of applications, especially suitable for automotive, displays, computers and power electronics equipment industry.
High-power MOS tube, heat insulation sheet to the general use of silicone sheeting, thermal conductivity the: 0.8-1.2W/MK, low cost, easy to operate, ideal MOS transistor thermal effect on high heat.
       Soft silicone thermal insulation pad is that the heat transfer interface materials, thermal silica, thermal interface materials with good thermal conductivity and a high level of pressure, its role is to fill the processor and heat sink between requirements is alternative to thermal grease thermal paste and mica binary cooling system products.
       In conduction-cooled design, select the active cooling or the passive cooling, thermal conductivity material of choice will have a lot of different thermal conductivity material sub-caulk thermal conductivity material and the gap thermal conductivity material. Gap thermal conductivity material thickness of 0.5mm, the gap thermal conductivity material thickness more than 0.5mm. caulk thermal conductivity materials: the thermal grease, thermal conductivity of mica, the thermal conductivity of ceramic chip, the thermal conductivity of silicone sheeting, thermal double sided tape. main role is to fill between the heating power devices and heat sink the gap, usually seem to be level two faces, in fact, less than 40% of the contact area, but also because the air is a poor conductor of heat, thermal conductivity is only 0.03w/mk, filling the gap thermal conductivity material to fill the gap between the air so thermal design engineer joked: coated with toothpaste in between your computer's CPU and heat sink may be better than the use of thermal grease if you painted enough, thin enough uniform! gap thermal conductivity materials: thermal conductivity of silica gel pad, foam thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity, rubber sheet, low thermal conductivity of the requirements of power supply modules, flat panel displays, the note of busy memory modules, power conversion equipment, LED lighting, PDP display, LCD North Light Module.

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