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The new term of the silicone Date:2013-04-23

1 tire Silastic
Tire rubber is used in the tire mold making or doing tire material of silicone rubber products. The tire rubber is a synthetic rubber with better biological characteristics and environmental characteristics than ordinary rubber.
Silicone rubber of the tire is a condensation-type silicone, usually divided into two groups mounted a component of the colloidal liquid, another group as the curing agent. Curing agent typically includes a curing agent and other additives. Colloid and curing agent mixed vulcanization reaction tire silicone rubber curing elastic solid.
(2) tire liquid silicone
Tire liquid silicone is a tire production materials, under normal elastic solids become liquid, add hardener can be used as materials of the production of tires. And the use of liquid silicone production of tires does not pollute the environment, is generally harmless to the human body.
The use of tire liquid silicone
The use of liquid colloidal and curing agent according to a certain proportion of mixed uniform, attention must be weighed accurately. Stir through the vacuum treatment to remove the silicone inside the bubble, through a number of methods called silicone can make tires into the tire mold. The liquid silicone curing time is usually 2-5 hours.
(3) tire silicone mold
The tire mold silicone is silicone used to make the tire mold, tire mold with silicone production with easy to operate, pollution, etc.. The disadvantage is that the price is more expensive, so the tire mold silicone suitable for small production, or used for sample production and use.
The tire mold silicone to make the mold when the first master mold surface treatment, and then marked the release agent or release agent. Silicone is modulated according to the requirements need to bubble processing can be used to mold. Molding when needed you can use the fiber material to increase the strength of the mold, when necessary, the need for mold making the outer mold.
Silicone tires
Silicone tires is the use of silicone material of the tire, because the silicone has a small hardness, good elasticity and pollution, etc, especially suitable for occasions that require high tire production.
Advantages and disadvantages
Silicone tires, good chemical stability, the material is not harmful to humans, fire resistance, and environmental pollution. Compared to silicone tire is worse than the average tire wear resistance, high cost.
Silicone rubber tires
Silicone rubber tires are tires made of silicone rubber material. The silicone rubber is a synthetic rubber, but because its structure is added to the stable silicon-oxygen bond, physical properties and chemical properties have been greatly improved. Compared to ordinary rubber tires, silicone rubber tires wear more high temperature. Addition, the silicone rubber tire environmental pollution.

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