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Plastic toys pattern printing resolution printing silicone rubber head-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

We intend to do a simple introduction to printing pattern in the plastic toy industry; today we carry out a related analysis of silicon pad. Firstly, I will introduce to you the concept of printing.


For example, the text and pattern on the surface of the cell phone as well as the surface printing of many computer keyboards, instruments, meters and other electronic products are all done by pad printing. Most of our plastic toys surface is not flat and rule, so we usually use the method of printing, which transfers the patterns and texts onto the products' surface.


The pad printing process is very simple. First of all, we need to adopt the gravure of steel (or copper, glass, plastic), then dip the printing ink of the gravure onto the surface of silicon pad using the curved surface printing head made by silicon rubber material. Next, press the surface needed printing, so that the text, graphics, etc. can be printed out. Today we'll do some analysis and explanation for the important components of printing - Silicon pad.


As a pattern vector in the printing process, the silicon pad has strict requirements for the quality of the silicone materials. It is the first step that chooses a suitable silicone material to make the silicon pad. In order to improve the print quality of the silicon pad, we usually need to consider the following factors in the process of printing:

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First, we need an analysis about the hardness. The hardness of pad printing silicon rubber is limited by materials of silicone rubber and the ratio of silicone oil added in production process. Because each colloidal material itself is not easy to change, we mainly do an analysis of silicone oil. Generally, the ratio of pad printing silicon rubber and the silicon oil depends on the size of pattern which customer needs to print. The larger the pattern is, the softer the printing pad should be, and more silicon oil needs to add. Contrarily, if a silicon pad with high hardness needed, silicon oil should be added less or none. General hardness of the printing pad is 15A°~-25 A°. If too much silicon oil added in the silicon rubber, the printing pad will be too soft, and this will limit the printing times. For silicon oil will destroy the molecular chain of the silicon rubber, no matter how supreme quality the silicon rubber is. And therefore, the printing pad will be abrasion intolerant and solvent intolerant and easy ageing, which is what we want to see.


Silicone oil plays a crucial role in the use of pad printing silicone, which can reduce the viscosity of silicone rubber and change the hardness of silicone. But adding too much silicon oil will destroy the molecular weight of silicone, and the silicon pad is not durable, easy to aging, resulting in the rise of production costs.


Improper treatment for the products' surface will also affect the quality of printing. Here is a simple example, In the process of making plastic toys mold, mold release agent will be sprayed onto the surface of the steel plate for every dozen products in order to easy to demoulding, and there will be some mold release agent left on the surface of the first one or two product, which will affect the quality of printing. For this situation, we need use Tianna water or face-clean water to clean the products before used for pad printing. Of course, printing quality is also affected by the quality of printing machines and printing ink, and we will do the analysis in the future.


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