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Gypsum products silica gel brush mode processSilicone,Silicone rubber,silicon-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

      Gypsum products silicone according to the replication products were divided into the perfusion mode and brush mode. Perfusion mode is generally used for relatively simple, not complex patterns products, the operation is also relatively easy, here to talk about more complex brush the mold process.
For example, to a gypsum as its brush-mode operation.
First, the preparatory work before the brush mode:
First step, depending on the circumstances, to brush the mold tool. Here we need to smooth the Founder of the wood of certain (can also be a rubber sheet), bloom of silica gel container, brush, brush the mold with the fixed model of bonding glue and clay, enhanced silica gel strength with the gauze, and other related products. Conditions allow, preferably with a vacuum machine.
The second step, the model bonding to a fast board, selected according to the specific circumstances of the mold parting line. The choice of production is essential to the mold parting line, good parting line can reduce the workload and a great guarantee the quality of the mold. Like gypsum, for example, the parting line is usually not obvious parts of the model's eyes, facial, so as not to affect the quality of the effect of turning model.
Parting line is selected in order to facilitate the follow-up operation, the best water pen standard drawn.
After ready to brush the mold apparatus and the selected mode line, you can brush mode operation:
The first model is fixed in a parallel board, requiring parallel to the wood and wood bonding model vertical. The part below the parting line, fill with sludge and the sludge will completely cover the following sections parting line and sludge along the parting line smooth. Marked with a clamping buckle away from the parting line 6-8mm repair model peripheral sludge formation, usually into a quad-based sludge will repair according to the model.
Use detergent to clean the surface of the model and sludge, dried or with airgun dry. Here detergent that is, as a detergent is used as a release agent. The first layer of silica gel (silica gel modulation method with reference to the product description), with a hair brush to the first layer of silicone does not need to brush too thin just to cover the surface of the model and sludge better. Model into the vacuum machine conditions allow the brush to vacuum processing, vacuum stop the operation to continue brushing until the silicone is fast crosslinking time to let the natural curing.
The first layer of curing after brush the second layer, the second layer of silicone thickness 2-3mm is better to brush the fast cross-linking when the paste layer of fiber cloth to silicone above. After natural curing paint a layer of silica gel, to ensure that mold the outermost smooth as a standard. If the model is relatively large, higher requirements can be repeated more than brush a layer of silicone paste the operation of a layer of fiber cloth, the tensile strength of the mold until you meet the requirements.
Such as mold is fully cured, cut off excess fabric. The mold with wooden fenced, and fixed to form a mold groove. To transfer a good plaster into the mold groove, the dehydration of gypsum to be dry when removed wood, and plaster repair flat.
Gypsum dry upside down the other side of the sludge removed, clean up the model and silicone mold surface. Then repeat the previous operation, the other side of the piece mold made out of.
If it is a particularly complex product needs to be divided into multi-chip mode, the same principle.

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