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The silicone tube is a new type of polymer silicone elastic material-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

The silicone tube is used as circulation and cladding carrier of liquid, gas, and other materials. Common silicone tube has medical silicone tube, food-grade silicone tube, industrial silicone tube, silicone Pipes, silicone tube fittings, etc. Medical silicone tube is mainly used in medical equipment accessories, medical catheter, by using the antimicrobial design to ensure the safety of use. Food-grade silicone tube is used for the water dispensers, diversion pipe of coffee machine, and waterproof and line protection of household appliances. Industrial silicone tube is applicable to the special chemical industry, electric and other special environmental protection carrier flow.


The silicone tube is a new type of polymer silicone elastic material, which has excellent high temperature and low temperature resistance, good physical stability. And medical silicone tube has these features of excellent flexibility and permanent deformation resistance, ozone resistance, ultraviolet resistant, resistant to radiation when subjected to repeat harsh and sterile conditions. And special silicone rubber has oil resistance.


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The use of silicone tube has a very wide field. Smooth silicone tube and fold the outer wall can be used. Low volatile grade silicone is suitable for pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic, and food processing applications. The kernel is made by silicone material of NSF51, and its hardness is 70 shore A. It can be used as a visual inspection of medium flow with features of completely vacuum, fracture resistance, resistance to kinking, durable, strong pressure and translucent. It can make use of two types: smooth outer wall or the outer wall of more flexible folds. The normal operating temperature of silicone tube ranges from C-100° F-73.3°- C400° F204.4° and it can use CIPSIP or ray sterilization or high pressure sterilization.


Silicone tube can be used in all kinds of carrier cladding and diversion. It is health and hygiene according with environmental protection level. It has a very wide field of use and very strong tear resistance. The determination methods of silicone tube are that it will produce white remnants through fire burning.


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