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Uses and characteristics of the silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

In general, silicone rubber can be divided into two categories of organic silicone and inorganic silicone according to its nature and composition. Inorganic silicone rubber is a highly active adsorption material, which is often obtained by the reaction of sodium silicate and acid, and through a series of aging process, acid soaking, etc. The silicone rubber is amorphous material, and its chemical formula mSiO2. nH2O. It is insoluble in water and any solvent, non-toxic , odorless , chemically stable , do not react with any substance in addition to alkali , hydrofluoric acid.


Uses of the silicone rubber:

Silicone rubber has a very wide range of applications. It is not only used as aviation, state-of-the-art technology, military technology, special materials, but also for the various sectors of the national economy. Its scope of application has been extended to construction, electrical and electronics, textiles, automobiles, machinery, leather, paper, chemical industry, light industry, metal and paint, medicine and medical care and so on. Usually, silicone tube, silicone seal, electronic potting, LED display, LCD and other organic silicon products are collectively known as silicon.




Silicone rubber with stable chemical properties, non-toxic and harmless has a strong adsorption, which can absorb the moisture within the sealed package quickly and effectively. All kinds of silicone has been widely used in purification and DNA separation, food drying, high precision electronic products, cosmetics, waste water purification, purification of beer, production or preservation of advanced coatings and resins and other aspects through constant innovation and development. In our daily life and business activities, silicon dioxide is usually used in the following areas:

1. Precision optical instruments, and dry and mildew packaging of electronic appliances;

2. It plays a role in drying and shelf for leather, purses, shoes, etc.;

3. It is most commonly used as a food desiccant in order to guarantee the crispy foods such as biscuits and Fried foods;

4. Put it in a small bottle as drugs desiccant in order to extend the shelf life of drugs;

5. Dry container: Transport containers will be formed at different latitudes rainwater box. If you are using a silicone rubber desiccant, it can absorb the moisture which is equivalent to its own weight.


Characteristics of the silicone rubber:

1. 100% pure silicone, soft, tear-resistant, feel good;

2. Natural and harmless, odorless non-toxic, non-corrosive, environmental protection;

3. Waterproof, non-stick dust, superior wear resistance, strong adhesion, effective protection against scratches, non-fragile items, a good buffer when encountering a collision;

4. Its surface appearance can be washed repeatedly, forever looking bright as new;

5. Material properties: Corrupt resistance, physiological inert, non-toxic, aging-resistance,  ozone resistance, resistance to high and low temperature ( -80 to 300 degrees ), high transparency, high toughness, compression set, oil resistance, stamping resistance, acid resistance, abrasion resistance, flame retardant, resistance to voltage, electrical conductivity and other properties.


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