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Development trend of organosilicon Market-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Development trend of organosilicon Market

 organosilicone,organosilicon,organic silicon-HongYe silicone    Silicone occupies an important position in the national economy. It is mainly used in early military departments, and has now become a society and people for the chemical materials indispensable to the living environment in the development of production and the improvement of.

In the developed countries, has less than 1% organic silicon production accounts for the total output of plastics, and its sales accounted for 5%, second only to polyethylene, polystyrene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride and phenol resin such as the five major product sales, and development impetus for other synthetic materials as.

In the 80's in Japan as an example, an average annual increase of silicone products rate of 12.3%, while the GDP over the same period the average annual growth rate of only 4.2%, with an average annual growth rate of 5.2% for plastics.

The silicon growth rate reached as high as 2 times more plastic, or even 3 times the GDP growth rate. Explains the importance of beneficial to the people's livelihood of silicone products from one side.

Silicone market size, development depends on the level of social and economic, and increased with the progress of time. For silicone global sales of no accurate statistics, an estimated $5500000000 in 1992. Since then the annual growth rate at 5%, up $7000000000 in 1997, 2000 is expected to reach $8100000000.

The world market silicones, mainly in the United States, Western Europe and Japan, and the United States of America, this year has been formed in Europe and Asia each accounted for 1/3.

In the silicone products sales, polysiloxane (silicone oil, silicone rubber and silicone resin) accounted for 9 into above, and silicone oil, silicone rubber and silicone resin is, depends on the level of market demand and production technology.

Silicone Market in Japan with silicone rubber, which is related to the electronic and electrical, construction and automobile industry rapid development; the United States of America silicone market with silicone oil as the focus, and the comprehensive development of the United States of America industry; the countries of Western Europe, the United States of America between from Japan

China silicone market develops very quickly, but there is still a lack of accurate statistical data. The silicone rubber, silicone oil accounted for 45%, accounted for 39%, silicon resin accounted for 13%, other 3%. About 1997 to about 70000 T, is expected in 2000 will exceed 10 tons.

The consumption rate of silicone products in all walks of life, depends on the industrial structure at. In the case of Japan, the 1988 distribution: electronic and electrical appliances accounted for about 25%-30%, construction accounted for 15%-20%, car 10%-15%, food health care accounted for 10%, office machinery accounted for 10%, the rest (including fiber, paper, plastic, paint, etc.) accounted for 15%-30%. Visible, electronic and electrical, construction and automotive are the three pillars of the silicone market. Market development trend in recent years, the development speed is still the first electronic electrical, reliability and durability of silicone material, its application in construction and automotive industry to continue to grow; the siloxane physiological inert and on human security, reliability is further confirmed, so the number of applications of silicone in medical and the rapid growth of cosmetics.
China's organic silicon  market consumption structure, the 1994 distribution: building 29.5%, 22.4% textile, electronic and electrical appliances 19.7%, light 10.5%, petroleum chemical industry 10.4%, transportation machinery 4.6%, other 2.9%.

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