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The introduction of silicone release agent-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

The introduction of silicone release agent

silicone release agent,silicon release agent,silicone rubber release agent-HongYe silicone    The main function of release agent is to prevent or reduce the molding die when the mechanical damage. Organic silicon tuomoji ideal should have:


      1, good demolding thought;
      2, no corrosion to die, no deposition;
      3, easy flow of exhibition, cloth blank;
      4, smooth product surface; 
      5, does not affect the product processing (such as adhesive, printing, finishing, embossing);
      6, dilution stability;
      7, diluent physiological inert, non-flammable, volatile;
      8, low cost;
      9, less dosage; characteristics of
      10, a coating can be used repeatedly.

        Silicone oil has a low surface tension, good heat resistance, low solubility parameter, which is a very ideal demoulding agent material, and has long been used as releasing agent. And organic mold-release agent commonly used (such as wax, and stearic acid), it has many advantages, such as easy to flow to the surface to form thin films show fine structure of the mold; less dosage, a brush can be used repeatedly, a variety of materials are easy to demould, no contamination to mold and mold, the surface accuracy; not need frequent cleaning mold, reduce the operating procedures and time; with good resistance to viscosity and lubricity of the vast majority of polymer materials; no corrosion to mold and products; high flash point, non-toxic and tasteless, safe to use; has physiological inertia, some products used as food packaging materials and food baking mould release agent. Silicone release agent can be used in the molding, casting, packaging and coating process.

Although the silicone release agent production cost is higher than the general release agent, but because of the little dosage and can compensate. And the smoke smell does not produce when in use, the more welcomed by the user.

Semi-permanent release agent with silicon resin based coating, can reduce the frequency and surface treatment time, thereby reducing the cleaning mold or casting time. High viscosity silicone oil as an internal processing agent and release agent into thermoplastic resin, helps to shorten the production cycle and reduce wear and equipment scrap rate, tools, and to release. But this use has been more and more crosslinked siloxane replaced.

Because the release agent with two methyl silicone oil as base oil usually because of silicone oil migration product surface, and the latter to printing, coating and adhesive. Therefore, developed a coating type release agent to methyl phenyl silicone oil and silicone oil as long chain alkyl silicone oil. At the same time, also can card issued by fluorine alkyl silicone release agent.

Types of silicone release agent:

1, pure silicone release agent
    When the release system can contact with moisture, organic solvent, silica and emulsifier, can be directly used silicon oil as demoulding agent, with a soft cloth or apply on the mold surface. Suitable for silicone release agent are two methyl silicone oil, methyl phenyl silicone oil, silicone oil, alkoxyl silicone oil, long chain alkyl silicone oil, silicone polyether, ammonia alkyl silicone oil.

2, silicon cream type release agent
    It is usually white carbon black (including gas phase method and precipitation particles mixed with silicone oil products) have white translucent paste-shaped products. The thermal oxidation stability and durability than the oil release it, solution and emulsion products. In air at 300 ℃ can withstand more than 1h. Suitable for high temperature and high pressure molding and demolding or anti-sticking, which can be used as (silicon rubber, plastic) long tube forming release agent, can also be used to prevent the nozzle synthetic fiber nylon adhesive in the melt spinning, prevent fiber adhesion and fused fiber breakage, realize the long-term continuous stable operation.

3, spray type release agent
Spray type release agent is actually a branch of solution type product, which is composed of silicone oil and additive at room temperature is equal to the organic solvent (such as the three gaseous fluorine chlorine methane, two dichlorodifluoromethane, fluorine and chlorine methane; lower alkanes such as propane, butane and isobutane; lower chlorinated hydrocarbons such as trichloroethylene, three ethyl chloride after mixing, etc.) into the pressurized aerosol bottle, when using nozzle at the mold, press the valve cover, release agent spray atomization, and given the release, molding applies to and plastic rubber silicon.

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