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The main varieties and properties of the mix-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

The main varieties and properties of the mix

gross silicone

Mix model sulfide

       This is a rubber mixing forming and crosslinking at the same time in the mold, which is suitable for molding, seal, gasket, prepared by the O ring, the spark plug and fetal pad auto transfer molding and injection molding. Key and a pressure cooker washer and other products used in electronic and electrical appliances. This kind of compound is composed of methyl vinyl silicone rubber, reinforcing fillers (silica, fumed precipitated silica), semi reinforcing filler (diatomite), incremental fillers (silica powder), structural control agent, modifier and vulcanizing agent through mixing with. The formulation is changed, can also be made universal, heat-resistant and does not need two vulcanized rubber.

        General series is model based product vulcanization mix, composition is relatively simple, relatively inexpensive, and easy coloring and adjustment. After curing, good elasticity and low compression permanent deformation, widely used for keys, sealing washers, separators, plug and cots. Rubber plastic value increased with the increase of hardness, but the elongation at break increases with the hardness decrease with the increase of.

The universal series compound using the BP or DBPMH can be used for curing, molding. But when using DCBP, can be used for extrusion, vulcanized rubber prepared can be used in -55 ℃ to 260 ℃ range, and the tensile strength and good electrical properties. The performance price satisfactory, mainly used for spark plug pads and sealing gasket production car.

In addition, the mix system doesn't need two vulcanization starting from high vinyl content of raw rubber, adding special additives, and taking DTBP as the curing agent, a curing can be obtained by crosslinking degree of satisfaction, and has good elasticity, compression permanent deformation and oil resistant performance, is widely used in the production of thick products and permanent compression deformation of O ring, small sealing gasket, rubber roller.

For rubber extrusion

With the mix is usually composed of methyl vinyl silicone rubber extrusion molding, fumed silica and other additive compound matched to. For the extrusion mix required to maintain a certain degree of plasticity, when using low hardness grade, plastic plasticity is too low, easy sticky, foaming, die swell, extrudate diameter than the die diameter too much, effect of extrusion process and product appearance. Whereas too high hardness grade, because small extrusion die swell, difficulties. Suitable hardness (shore A) for 50-70. Precipitated silica as a result of moisture content is too high, should not be used as reinforcing filler of silicone rubber extrusion molding, or in hot air vulcanization easy cause foam products.

Commercially available for the extrusion of rubber , and can be divided into general extrusion extrusion in two and medical, food transparent hose. The extrusion processing is good, can be normal pressure hot air vulcanization, get high temperature and low temperature resistance, electrical insulation, resistance to corona, product of electric arc, so it is widely used in wire coating and production of various rubber hose, electrical insulating components etc.. Some of them can be used in -55 ℃ to 260 ℃ range, and some can be used in -55 ℃ -200 ℃ range. The latter after curing can be transparent or translucent hose, good high temperature resistance, oil resistance, chemical resistance and water resistance, can be used in -55 ℃ to 200 ℃.

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