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The conductive silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

The conductive silicone rubber

The conductive silicone rubber       Conductive silicone rubber is a silicon rubber, adding conductive fillers, crosslinking agent, refining and distribution of sulfide. Commonly used compound is methyl vinyl silicone rubber, conductive fillers are commonly used in acetylene carbon black, carbon fiber, carbon black, graphite, superconducting copper, silver, aluminum and zinc powder etc..

     Compared with the general advantages of conductive rubber, conductive silicone rubber is the volume resistivity of small, low hardness, high and low temperature (-70 to 200 ℃), aging resistance, good machining performance, conductive silicone rubber products are especially suitable for making good electrical conductivity, complex shape, thin structure.

      According to the plastic varieties and different processing methods, can be made of high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber and room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber, and the pressure sensitive conductive silicone rubber, anisotropic conductive silicone rubber and low conductive silicone rubber.

     In recent years, with the rapid development of electronic technology and instrumentation industry, promote the development and improvement of conductive silicone rubber, appeared a lot of new technology and new varieties. For example, in the curing process, the atmospheric pressure hot air vulcanized silicone rubber, instead of the traditional heat addition vulcanization (peroxide vulcanization); product performance, has high tear resistance of conductive silicone rubber and the addition of a metal powder in silicone rubber, the pressed part is conducted, pressure guide silicon rubber and other species not compressed still insulation.

      Janpan a silicone company developed two and new conductive silicone rubber with good shielding effect and low prices to the electromagnetic wave without the use of silver. Commercial grade TCM5417V and XE21-301V. The two products are not to use powder, but the use of special conductive filler, low price, its products compared with the addition of silver powder type, shielding effect is the same for the electromagnetic wave, and can carry out the extrusion processing, therefore is called the conductive silicone rubber epoch. Is expected to be widely applied in the fields of electronic, electrical, automotive, machinery etc.. These two kinds of thermal stability of the product is good, the conductivity stability, a month at 200 ℃, almost no change in volume resistivity. The volume resistance is 2.8 ohm, TCM5417V cm, attenuation rate of 30 dB; the volume resistance is 0.5 ohm, XE21-301V cm, attenuation rate of 50 db.

      At present, preventing electromagnetic interference in three ways, namely, metal springs, metal mesh and conductive silicone rubber padding for shielding electromagnetic wave, because the latter has the air tightness of the sealing characteristics, so the conductive rubber has become the main material (mostly using conductive silicone rubber).

     Since the conductive silicone rubber with small size, the advantages of stable and reliable contact, good shockproof performance, convenient exchange, used for connecting printed circuit, radio integrated circuit, display and so on, can save a lot of welding work, simplifies the assembly, reduce the volume, reduces the cost, improves the reliability of the. 

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