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Silicone embossed wool sweater-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Silicone embossed wool sweater

Silicone embossed wool sweater      "Relief" sweater, is formed by the concave-convex stereo villous pattern, similar to the "relief" effect of wool sweater. However, this "relief" effect is not weaving out, is also different from "burn-out" process, but the use of wool fabric with shrinkage characteristic, and local shrinkproof of wool fabric treated with the combination, formed by milling.

       As we know, the surface of wool fiber, from root to tip with the same direction growth of angular scales, thus forming the directional friction effect of wool fiber, in the hot and damp invasion, expansion of scale relaxation of fiber surface, friction between the fiber and the fiber interaction force under the impetus of the surface of the fiber, the scale of each other tooth, irreversible felting phenomenon, cashmere wool fiber shrinkage characteristic which is the. The characteristics of wool fiber, the wool fabric produced in the washing process easily felt, shrinkage, deformation, and the effect of the wool fabric performance. Therefore, at home and abroad have been using resin shrinkproof processing method to control the wool fabric felting.

      However, if the master heat temperature, appropriate and reasonable bath ratio and friction time, but it can get ideal suede, this process is called fulling. The principles of "relief" sweater is the use of wool fulling and local treatment combining, to generate stereoscopic pattern.

"Making relief" sweater is used "into a shirt printing, local shrink-proof", the new process of "fulling" and other technology combining. First the Shrinkproof made shrink-proof slurry special, then according to the mesh pattern made of flower version, will shrink paste is printed on the fabric, through curing to combine, forming local shrinkage. The sweater is shrinking, the fulling, not printed fabric shrinkage pulp villi in clumps, produce a rich suede, and printed on shrink-proof pulp fabric is still maintained the original fabric, thus forming with concavo-convex, similar "relief" effect of the three-dimensional pattern by villi composition. Add villi place on fabric with wool retraction, not fluff local fabric is still intact, and this formed the organization of different densities, reinforcing fabric "relief" effect.

The whole process can be indicated as follows:

Half shirt, (preparation of slurry / network version of the production) of printing paste, pre-drying / baking, Readymade Garments, fulling, dewatering, drying, steaming hot Shrink-proof slurry is the key material for the production of "relief" sweater. Using silicone resin can be polymerized with wool surface film principle, formulated as silicone-antishrinking pulp on local shrinkproof wool sweater, prepared the "relief" effect is clear, comfortable, beautiful flowers, with a light, thin, soft, wool sweater.

Suzhou wool sweater factory developed by Shanghai resin factory silicone  fabric finishing agent, and other additives combination, the first successfully produced "relief" sweater, products of the indicators meet the technical standards provisions of the international wool bureau. Shrink-proof slurry mixture ratio: silicone fabric finishing agent 5-10%, agent 3-5%, other appropriate. The sweater is 36 pairs of 100% worsted wool. In order to increase the fabric felting, make "relief" effect is more obvious and not to excess fulling cloth, in the organizational structure, selected 11 needle machine, single yarn feeding, the formation of relatively low density single organization.

Shrink-proof slurry coating, using the squeegee heavier should print. Plasma should be moderate, not too thick, but to penetrate to the fabric shrinkage part back. The drying temperature was 40-50 ℃, the purpose is to slurry drying, not contaminated shall prevail. Baking temperature of 110 ℃ for 10 minutes, below this temperature is appropriate to extend the time. Baking is the important process of fabric and slurry produced cross-linked, such as crosslinking is not good, the fulling of local shrinkage will not work, "relief" effect can not be displayed.

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