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Silicone insulating material used for high voltage power lines-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Silicone insulating material used for high voltage power lines

Silicone insulating material used for high voltage power lines        In order to meet the needs of high voltage transmission, requires the use of insurance, reliable, safe and easy to repair the insulation products. Magnetic bottle is indispensable in high-voltage transmission equipment accessories, general magnetic bottle due to high surface energy, its surface is easy to fouling, and water will form a film and the insulation failure. On the bottle surface is sprayed with a layer of high voltage insulation grease, but the magnetic bottle with hydrophobic and dust, the high-voltage wire box substation can't jump fire due to moisture, salt and other impurities, blackouts.

      Foreign company produces a high voltage insulated with silicone grease, commodity brand DC-3099. This grease has excellent resistance to high voltage corona, outside, water corrosion and dust particle pollution performance, the surface arc breakdown test, the insulation persistence can prolong 4-6 times longer than ordinary grease. The grease can bring high voltage line on 13.2-500kV, with insulating tram directly on the magnetic bottle to spray. When construction, first with low hardness of the sand (sometimes with limestone, abrasive) from a pressurized hopper with phenolic plastic pipe to clean a magnetic bottle, then no air injection pump to DC-3099 high voltage insulation silicone spray in a magnetic bottle surface by glass fiber rod, so that the using life can reach 4-5 years.

      In addition to silicone grease, silicone rubber can be used as high voltage line magnetic bottle surface anti-pollution flashover coating, and the cost (including material costs and labor costs than silicone province). In such as salt spray environment, its service life is longer than even the grease. The United States Pacific Gas and electric company in a case of severe contamination, magnetic bottle surface charged transmission line on the 66kV coated with a 20 mil thick RTV silicone rubber ( coating. After 6 years and found that, although the magnetic bottle of insulator surface node on a layer of dirt, but still with a water insulation performance and high.
In the transport of electric railway, made of antifouling properties, weatherability and resistance to tracking performance good high voltage transmission line insulator using additive high temperature silicon sulfide rubber, replacing the epoxy resin and the porcelain insulator, can bring huge economic benefits for railway tunnel engineering.

       Electrification of the old rail line (by steam, diesel traction traction electric locomotive) for tunnel net height is insufficient, the need for local excavation, falls road such as a large number of civil engineering, this large investment, long construction period, construction period of transport interference. In order to make full use of the existing tunnel, reduce the amount of civil engineering, has produced an epoxy resin insulator to replace bulky porcelain rod insulator and insulator. Because the epoxy resin insulator aging performance is not good, often crack, short service life, disadvantages of bad reliability, bring great threat to the safety of railway transportation to electrification.

     Cooperative Research Institute Research Institute of Jilin Chemical Industrial Co and the Ministry of railways, developed into a S-25 type high temperature vulcanized silicone rubber insulators, test in 25kV single-phase AC electrified railway lines, the performance in full compliance with the requirements.
Compared with the porcelain insulator suspension structure in tunnel excavation, due to the reduction of 100-150 mm per kilometer tunnel, can save 200000 yuan of civil engineering. According to the five lines of electrified railway tunnel excavation can be less preliminary statistics, more than 80 kilometers, saving tunnel reconstruction costs more than 1600 yuan. 

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