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Silicone smoothing agent for leather-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Silicone smoothing agent for leather

Silicone smoothing agent for leather        The tanning process is a complicated mechanical and chemical treatment process. With the hair from a raw hide to meet the requirements of sound made of leather, must pass through the hair removal, tanning and finishing size more than 100 procedure. The process can be expressed as follows:
The original leather, soaking, degreasing, alkali treatment, dealkalization, softening, pickling, tanning, dyeing, neutralization, and ester, finishing (finishing).

After the finished leather, leather surface smooth, shiny, bright colors and uniform. In addition, the leather after finishing, forming a layer of protective coating on the surface, this layer of coating has excellent resistance to various heat, cold, water resistance, solvent resistance, resistance to dry and wet rubbing and scuffing.

In the finishing agent is the main component of the film forming agent. Leather finishing, requirements of film forming agent strong adhesion, flexibility and extensibility and flexibility should be consistent with the leather; at the same time, the film itself should have the gloss, abrasion resistance, water resistance and breathability, acid and alkali chemical reagent.

In recent years, foreign in leather industry generally using silicone as leather finishing materials (silicone smoothing agent for leather). Mechanism of organosilicon finishing agent is different with other finishing agent, it does not plug the pores, but crosslinking reaction with the leather surface groups, forming a thin film on the surface of leather. This layer of film in the retention of leather permeability basis, can greatly enhance the water resistance, soft leather, and wet wipe, make leather itself more plump, leather surface smooth, and the service life of the leather extended two to three times.

Silicone smoothing agent for leather has the following advantages:

1, anti-corrosion: one kilogram of a mixture of silicone smoothing agent for leather, into the bottle in the covered, after two months, no delamination, material deterioration is not corrosion, the use effect is still good; but without silicone smoothing agent for leather material in 2-3 days after the rot.
2, the anti-sticking: silicone smoothing agent for leather finishing leather, occurrence of stacked 11 months after the leather surface without adhesion phenomenon; and with the general finishing leather finishing agent, in the stack storage after 2-3 months, because the coating adhesion, often will damage the surface of leather.
3, mildew: silicone smoothing agent for leather finishing leather, after stored for 11 months after the leather surface does not produce mildew; and with the general finishing leather finishing agent, became moldy in storage after 3-4 months.
Another characteristic of the use of silicone smoothing agent for leather tanning technology is the traditional has good adaptability, no need to increase the equipment and process of leather. The processing includes cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin leather, kangaroo leather, leather, shoe sole for leather and special leather.

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