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Elastic plastic silicone coating-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Elastic plastic silicone coating

Elastic plastic silicone coating       Elastic plastic silicone coating due to structure and unique manufacturing process, the curing product has excellent comprehensive mechanical properties: both plastic strength and hardness, and elastic body flexibility and high and low temperature impact resistance. It has excellent electrical insulation properties, dielectric properties effect of frequency of small, especially the high frequency dielectric properties of prominent. Film coating can resist all kinds of bad environmental impact, at the same time having a moisture heat, salt fog resistance, mildew proof of "three defenses " ability, is currently the best high frequency "three defenses " paint. In addition, the resin coating has excellent transparency, weather resistance, dust resistance, dust resistance and radiation resistance.

      Elastic plastic silicone coating is also a kind of resin content is 52%~ 58% xylene solution. At room temperature and has good storage stability, when adding drier can be at room temperature or medium temperature curing and film. Construction technology of spraying, dipping, optional brushing method.

Elastic plastic silicone coating application:

Elastic plastic silicone coating is suitable for military electronic equipment machine high frequency components, and the electrical properties of the special requirements of the machine components, hybrid integrated circuit, microwave integrated circuit "three defenses " coating. This material is also applied to the solar energy industry, solar battery for glass package is an ideal material, can receive the good transmittance and dustproof effect. Also can be used for ceramic porous material impregnated. Other moisture-proof, shockproof, leakage current, thermal shock resistance, electrical insulation and other occasions, also used this material.

Elastic plastic silicone coating method of use: the material can adopts spraying, dipping and coating method of coating. Because this material is a two-component coating, suggested by spraying or brushing, but with better effect.

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