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Silicone resin and application-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Silicone resin and application

silicone resin,silicone rubber resin,silicon resin-HongYe silicone         Room temperature is a pale yellow solid resin rosin, resin by silicone resin as base material, adding a certain amount of filler, catalyst and other additives. The mixing that is made from silicone mold plastic. Silicone mold plastic mold delivery good flowability, curing speed, forming small shrinkage, the finished product size stability. After curing the silicone plastic has good high and low temperature performance, available at -60℃ ~ +250℃for long-term use, short time heat resistance up to 350 DEG C, it has good electrical properties, resistivity and high breakdown voltage, dielectric loss tangent and dielectric coefficient is low, and at very high temperature, frequency range very small, arc resistance, corona performance is very good; it also has good chemical stability, good moisture-resistant hydrophobic and ozone resistance, weathering resistance and other properties. Silicone resin for plastic molding, good mechanical strength; with silicone resin as base material, plastic has a certain toughness, forming a resistance to cracking performance.

The main use of silicone resin:

The use of silicone resin as binder, formulated into a variety of different formulations of molded plastic, can be used for small power transistor, flat type integrated circuit, dual-in-line integrated circuit encapsulation, can also be manufactured in hot or humid harsh work under the conditions of the ablative insulation device. The use of silicone resin as base material, made from a variety of different formulations of molded plastic, suitable for large power transistors, silicon-controlled rectifier components such as packaging.

Silicone resin is the main formulations include: resin, quartz powder, glass fiber, silica, calcium stearate, basic lead carbonate, benzoic acid. When in preparation, the main raw material formula, in the 70 ℃ ~85 ℃rubber mixing machine mixing evenly, adding calcium stearate mixing evenly, adding catalyst, in mixed 5 ~10 minutes to remove, according to the required size cuts standby.

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