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Low temperature curing silicone resin-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Low temperature curing silicone resin

Low temperature curing silicone resin   vLow temperature curing silicone resin, is the use of a new process for the preparation of a new generation of silicone resin. In addition to ordinary resin has excellent electrical insulation, weather resistance, arc resistance, corona, moisture-resistant hydrophobic and high and low temperature performance, but also has low curing temperature, strong adhesion, curing do not return after sticking, convenient construction. Due to the low temperature curing silicone resin can be cured at 100 ℃ X2 hours, adding catalyst can be cured at room temperature. Soluble in toluene, xylene, solvent gasoline. By brushing, spraying, dipping method construction.

The main use of low temperature cured silicone resin:

1 internal protective coatings : can be used for rectifier, semiconductor, transistor core internal protective coatings.

2: the outer protective coating material can also be used in instrumentation, electrical protective coating, can improve the qualified rate of. Because of its curing temperature is low, the product is especially suitable for should not be heated to high temperatures in the electronic components of the protective coating, but also in the electrical industry for anti-pollution flashover coating.

3 as impregnating varnish, can be used for class H motor coil winding impregnating varnish and electrical components, instrumentation complete impregnation. If adding a suitable pigments and heat-resistant filler, is preparation of high temperature paint.

4 with organic resin blend may improve general paint weather resistance, heat resistance.

Low temperature curing silicone resin storage and transportation

1.The material stored in a dry wind of the Treasury, to prevent direct sunlight and acid-base gas-liquid edification, and should be isolated from the fire, keep away from heat

2 this material belongs to dangerous goods.

3.The material in the required storage conditions, since the production date, valid for one year. After the expiration of reuse must retest, if still meet the technical indicators, just can continue to use

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