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Silicone resin and application-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Silicone resin and Application

Silicone resin        Silicone resin is methyl chlorosilane, phenyl chlorosilane monomer with hydrolysis condensation from the PMPs branched oligomer, contain a certain amount of head hydroxyl, toluene or xylene as solvent. General product is a polymer containing 50 ~ 70% of the price of stupid or xylene solution, when used by heating and drying to form hydroxyl further condensation with certain hardness of paint film.

      Silicone resin has excellent electrical insulation performance, arc resistance corona performance, high and low temperature performance and water resistance performance. The weathering resistance, ozone resistance and chemical stability and excellent. Silicone grease as insulating material manufacturing H machinery, electrical appliances, can be in a variety of harsh conditions, and has the advantages of small volume, light weight, long service life, strong overload capacity, etc.. Even if the overload damage, also won't produce intense burning, and the burning of the released gas non-toxic, combustion residue after having insulating silicon dioxide, not easy to cause serious damage.

use of Silicone resin:

Silicone resin is widely used in the production of glass cloth, glass cloth laminated sheet, mica bonding agent, glass casing, coil impregnating varnish, enameled wire paint, varnish for silicon steel sheet and a variety of high temperature coating.

Silicone resin using method:

Silicone resin construction method, can adopt the soaking spraying, brushing and other methods, can also according to the construction process of toluene, xylene or the need to add solvent gasoline solvents such as adjusting resin solid content and viscosity, to control the thickness of paint mold. Silicone resin and drying conditions, should be based on the resin grades and different use requirements to determine. General should first at lower temperature ( 110℃ ~ 140 ℃) so that the solvent, in 160~ 180 ℃drying, the last in 220 ℃ high temperature treatment. Silicon resin during processing, can use the driers, improve drying conditions. The catalyst can be used acid or other organic acid zinc, lead, manganese, cobalt salt and organic amine, driers with little dosage, best practice determine its usage, mixed with drying agent resin must run out as soon as possible, to prevent the cementation.

The silicon resin added with a certain amount of aluminum powder, mixed evenly as 300 ℃or 300℃using high temperature resistant coating.

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