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Demoulding with silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

                                                                                     Demoulding with silicone rubber

Demoulding with silicone rubberPerformance:
Methyl silicone rubber is a kind of high efficient, non-toxic mold release agent. It has good heat resistance, no corrosion, no pollution and mold products, silicon rubber with high molecular weight, and the epoxy resin polymer materials to soluble small, therefore, stripping good effect, with silicone rubber as a mold release agent can make the products surface bright, clear texture.

Apply to rubber, plastics processing, mold release, also applies to the epoxy resin pouring mold.

Technical standard:
The products comply with J/CG-209-83 specification, the molecular weight of >=35 million; volatile <=9%

Method of use:
Products by solvent, solvent for gasoline, toluene, configured with concentration of 2 ~5% solution. Spraying or brushing can be used in the method applied to the mold surface, heating the mold, after the solution is evaporated, you can use.

Storage and transportation:
Products should be stored in a dry, clean place. Effective storage period for five years. Products are non-dangerous goods

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