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Molding silica gel characteristics analysis-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

mold making silicone,mold making silicon         Mold on the basis of the material used is different, can be divided into a metal mold, metal mold two class.
Silicone mold is a kind of new environmental protection materials, mainly for the gift industry, furniture industry, character copy, resin handicraft industry, candles, plastic toy industry, gift stationery industry, plaster crafts industry, Boli industrial products, simulation plants and animals sculpture, Buddha carving handicrafts and other sectors of the product copy.
For everyone to say today, silicone molds characteristics
The silicone mold of what are the main characteristics of it, are summarized as follows:

1 silicone mold operation

2 silicone mold flow

3 silicone mold shrinkage

4 die silica gel tear resistance force

5 silicone mold hardness

The 6 mold silicone high temperature, mould number

7 silicone mold service life, acid and alkali resistance, aging resistance

In fact, we analyze mold silica product characteristics, in order to better use of this product. Silicone mold for condensation type silicone molds and molding silicone mold. Therefore, we use the silicone molds, to make it clear that the difference between two kinds of silica gel, and then combined with the characteristics of silicone molds, open mode of use, in order to achieve little effect. Condensation type silicone mold, it is by absorbing moisture in the air and curing. While the mold silicone curing is synthesized solidified, no absorption of moisture curing. Therefore, the specific application of the product when in use, the properties of our operation is very important. If it is condensed silicone mold, if not pay attention to its principle, will make products in the process, make the model surface dry in dry phenomenon. Therefore, we only know the properties of silicone molds, can find out the way to solve the. That we are in the process of operation, as long as the condensed type silicone mold in 0.05%, adding water, stirring evenly can address these conditions.

Analysis of silica gel properties of another, is silica gel shrinkage, the silicone mold, shrink ratio directly influences the quality of the product. Therefore, the choice of small shrinkage of silicone, critical. So, how to find the low shrinkage of silicone mold. First of all, to find reputable silicone manufacturers, most of the manufacturers will provide free silicone molds for your test, and a free silicone mold technical support. Secondly, according to the product, selection of different types of mold silicone, because the product size difference, will affect the silica gel type choice, picked the wrong models can lead to improved silica gel shrinkage.

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