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Tire mold silicone,Tire mold silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

tire mold silicone     Tire mold glue is used to make the used tire precision die casting, precision mold manufacturing silica gel, the gel are generally used for Condensation Type RTV silicone rubber as base material.

Tire mold plastic characteristics:

1 tire mold rubber with good performance.
2 good fluidity, low viscosity, easy operation.
3 small shrinkage.
4 elongation is good.
5 silicone mold deformation.

Tire mold manufacturing method

1, tire model with a release agent and evenly daub, with something to it. Handle the tire model with steel plate is surrounded around, applying a release agent processing.2, tire mold rubber and curing agent, stirring evenly. Tire mold rubber is the appearance of a flowing liquid, A component is a silica gel, B group is a curing agent. Example: take 100 grams of silica gel, adding
2 grams of curing agent and curing agent silica gel ( Note: must be uniform mixing, without stirring, the mold will appear in a block has been cured, not a piece of curing, drying and curing silicone will appear uneven situation will affect the life of mold and mold number, even the tire mold end-of-life status.
3, a vacuum pumping exhaust bubble processing: plastic mold and tire curing agent after even stirring, vacuum exhaust bubble point, vacuum pumping time should not be too long, under normal circumstances, not more than ten minutes, the vacuum time too long, silicone immediately curing, produced a cross-linked reflect, the silica gel into a piece of a piece, can not be brushed or perfusion, such as waste silica gel, silica gel can be put into the garbage can, to take the silicone to do. In 3, will be provided with a good tire mold rubber along a fixed perfusion slowly pouring, not to the exclusion of the inside air concussion.4, 120 minutes after complete curing of the glue, the gypsum powder 1000g after the water into the wooden frame, with so far.

Tire mold development history:
      Tire mold after dozens of years of development course, rubber tire from the two flap model to the development of today's radial tire segmented mold, the mold structure from simple to complex, from the mold material to cast steel, cast aluminum cast iron and alloy steel casting, and die manufacturing process from simple manual, mechanical processing to the development of today's five axis NC processing and special processing.

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