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Silicone cables, silicon rubber cables-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

         Silicone cables is a two-component addition type silicone as main raw materials produced by cable, main cable external wrapping layer and the filling material, the silica gel cold-resistant, high temperature resistance, aging resistance and other characteristics, are widely used to adapt to environment bad cable production. Silicone cables also called: silicone cables, silicon rubber cables, silicone rubber cables, silicone cables.

Silicone cables use:

Silicone cables suitable for AC rated voltage 450/750V and below a mobile or fixed laying electrical instrument cable or signal transmission.

Silicone cable characteristics:

Silicone cable has better thermal stability, can be in high temperature, low temperature, corrosive to maintain good electrical performance and flexibility, suitable forMetallurgical, power, petrochemical and other industries with mobile temperature and other special requirements of occasions to use.

Silicone cables coefficient

1 AC rated voltage: U0/U 450/750KV, the highest working temperature: 180 ℃The
2 lowest ambient temperature: silicon rubber sheath: fixed laying -60 ℃, -20℃non fixed laying
3 installation of cable laying temperature not lower than -20 ℃.
4.The cable bending radius: an armored cable minimum is 6 times of the cable diameter.5.20 ℃insulation resistance is not less than 500M Ω/KM.

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