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LED silicone potting-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

      LED potting consists mainly of two component silicone conductive flame retardant potting glue, silicone synthesis is a new thermal insulation material, with the curing time is not heat, no corrosion, shrinkage and other small features, suitable for electronic components with a variety of heat sealing, casting, forming a heat insulation system. Also called: LED potting glue,LED potting silicone rubber.

 LED potting characteristics

1 LED potting adhesive at room temperature fast curing speed, high production efficiency, efficiency is relatively high, LED sealant is suitable for efficient operation of the production line;

2 LED sealant waterproof and dustproof, fixed components, chemical resistance, yellowing resistance, weathering resistance, general electronic components in the potting, years and even decades can be good to keep electronic components from external humidity, temperature influence, all the year round to ensure its stable operation.

3.LED sealant use

LED sealant is widely used in the display industry, including LED potting glue, LCD electronic display screen, circuit board embedding.

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