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Imitation gemstone silica gel-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Imitation gemstone silica gel       Imitation gemstone silica gel, understand from literal, is used as a gemstone and jewelry and decorative materials Imitation of a silica gel, it belongs to two component additional liquid silicone rubber, has good dimensional stability, the advantages of good heat release, up to above 250 ° C, widely used in rapid prototyping gem mold.

        Shenzhen Hongye technology Limited company specializing in the production of imitation jewel silica gel, widely used in rapid prototyping gem mold; apply to the production of a variety of molding resin (polyurethane resin, epoxy resin, crystal transparent resin); mainly for the section of drill, diamond jewelry, amber, imitation crystal jewelry, agate, jade, jewelry, fine casting ring crafts such as mold development and production.

1, use:

Mainly used for rapid prototyping of gem mold, the production of Arts and crafts products, good gloss, product smooth surface ( smooth ), no water or other lines (e.g.: fog grain ). For very complex shapes and high-end luxury jewelry or high density model; diamond mold, mold is imitation stones, imitation zircon mold, the first mold material of choice.

2, characteristic:

The silica gel is bicomponent high transparency, high strength, high tear resistance, high temperature resistance, resistance to expansion; alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, ozone and ultraviolet aging resistance performance is good; no deformation, the surface is smooth, shrinkage rate of small, mold ( mould multiple times than the original front section diamond drill jewelry by use of transparent silicone molds is improved by more than 50% ); durable.

3, the main technical parameters:

Before the appearance of sulfide ( base adhesive ) translucent viscous liquid.Appearance ( curing agent): colorless transparent liquid; viscosity ( base adhesive ) Pa.S: 80; Pa.S: 3 viscosity ( curing agent);Operating time ( 25 ℃) min: 60; vulcanization time ( 25 ℃) /hr: 24; 1.10 vulcanized density;Hardness of Shore A: 40 MPa: 4.6; tensile strength; elongation %: 260;Tear strength of KN.m-1:14; linear shrinkage rate ( 25 ℃) %: 0.1.

4, the use of methods:

mixed base adhesive and curing agent in a weight ratio of 10:1 hybrid, hybrid can be manually or using the equipment.( 2): after mixing degassing glue on the mold filling should be carried out before the degassing. A small amount of use can be carried out in a vacuum dryer, under vacuum, glue volume can be increased by 4 - 5 times ( foam ), therefore, the volume of the container should be higher than the degassing plastic volume 4 - 5 times, after a few minutes of plastic volume returned to normal, whenSurface there is no escape when the bubbles ( about 10 minutes ) to complete the.( 3) surface processing: rubber material to contact the surface of the mold or potting material surface can be used as a release agent such as liquid paraffin.( 4) curing and demoulding: mixed after the degassing compound at 120± 5° C bake 30 minutes curing, 60 - 70 °C baked 2 - 3 hours at room temperature curing, curing time is 24Hr, the curing temperature and time according to the conditions set.

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