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Coated silica gel-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Coated silica gel        Coated silica gel is a kind of new environmental protection materials, now it has been widely used in people's daily necessities. In the understanding of this new material, let us understand related terms.

       Coating: is to anti-corrosion, insulation, and other decorative purposes, in liquid or powder form in fabric, paper, metal foil or sheet surface coated with a thin layer of plastic cover.

       Coated silica gel: it is a liquid substance, is the most widely distributed in the nature of silica powder as raw material, through with the oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen, organic reaction, make organic compounds and silicon atoms connected to generate compounds.

      Coated silica gel is widely used for pure cotton, polyester cotton cloth, nylon cloth, linen, wool, silk, cloth really skid cloth, waterproof cloth, cloth, high temperature resistant sealing cloth, cloth, low temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, insulation cloth cloth field senior account awning cloth, an umbrella cloth, a senior aging resistant cloth, fabric coating processing and antiskid purpose.


Coated silica product characteristics:

low shrinkage rate, cross-linking process does not produce low molecule, so the constant volume, shrinkage is less than 0.1%

antiskid performance excellent; no pollution; low hardness; rubber bonding.

wear, wash resistance, high temperature resistance; three-dimensional level high, excellent texture. For easy operation can be widely used in decoration belt, ribbon, anti-slip strip, Mark trademark weaving products special signs silicone ( silicone coated fabric ), anti-skid floral tablecloth, medical Garter.

food grade, non-toxic and tasteless, through the FDA food grade certification

high transparency, high tensile strength, tear strength, good bonding effect

Coating glue use method and matters needing attention

A, B two fractions of 1:1 by weight, mixing, vacuum degassing after the operation.

the operation to and use of condensation type silica gel separate from the container, with unused room temperature operation of the silica gel silica gel tools.

not to contact with N, P, S and plasma compounds containing acetylene and vinyl compounds, lest make platinum catalyst poisoning can not be cured, especially PVC containing Pb ( lead), will make the catalyst poisoning of some organic pigments can also lead to curing slow down or not curable.

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