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Medical silica gel-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Medical silica gel         Medical silica gel is a cosmetic surgery, in human organ transplantation, application of a wide range of novel biomaterials, it has a variety of forms, such as: liquid silicone oil, silicone, jelly foam silicone sponge and elastic solid silicone rubber, is one of the widely used methods of solid silicone rubber. Silicone rubber has good biological compatibility, to the human body without stimulation, non-toxic, no allergic reaction, the rejection is minimal; has excellent physicochemical properties, and body fluid and tissue contact process can maintain its original elasticity and softness, not be degraded, is a fairly stable and inert material. High temperature resistant, can be sterilized. In the operation, has easy processing, easy processing carving shapes. Medical silica gel can be divided into heat vulcanized silicone and RTV silicone two class. Heat vulcanized silicone can be made into different hardness of the product, is the most commonly used clinical one, can be carved into the shape of human organs. Such as: nasal prosthesis, artificial mandibles, skull patch, breast prosthesis, ear or support the mandibular facial prostheses, artificial joint, artificial testis. Room temperature vulcanized silicone, silicone at room temperature, the catalyst is completed in the vulcanization process, is not before the hardening liquid, is injected into the human body needed parts, according to the local morphological defects were filled. But such usage more complications, has been to stop the use of.

        Red silicone the introduction of foreign advanced production equipment, also has a domestic first-class R & D team, in the silica gel silica gel application technology and intellectual property, obtained a lot of domestic and international patent. Medical silica gel as the life sciences and new materials, red silicone has been associated with medical cooperation, to provide them with medical grade silicone. We, to provide you with the most cutting-edge technology and programme, welcomed the advisory.

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