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Liquid silicone rubber-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

mold silicone,molding silicone        Liquid silicone rubber, is defined by the Si-C key, and containing at least one organic moieties are attached directly to a silicon atom compounds, used often by those of oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen and the organic matrix and silicon atoms connected compounds of silicon rubber, also known as silicone silicone rubber.

       Since silicone silicone rubber special chemical structure, making it both the inorganic materials with the performance of organic materials, has low surface tension, viscosity temperature coefficient of small, high compressibility, permeability higher basic properties, and has high and low temperature resistance, electric insulation, resistance to oxidation stability, weather resistance, flame resistance, water repellency, corrosion, tasteless non-toxic and inert physiological characteristics. Therefore, it is widely used in aerospace, electronics, construction, transportation, chemical, textile, food, light industry, medical and other industries. According to its functional properties, it is mainly used in the sealing, bonding, coating, lubrication, surface activity, release, defoaming, bubble, waterproof, moisture-proof, inert filler etc.. Liquid silicone rubber with the continuous growth of quantity and variety, application scope, it has already formed the new chemical materials has become an independent school of important product system.

          Leaves of science and technology, pay attention to the application of silica gel front development, on the basis of silica gel application field, develop 36 kinds of 100 kinds of liquid silicone rubber, silicone products, to meet the needs of different industries and different areas of demand.


In the production of liquid silicone rubber mold silicone gel case:

Leaves of science and technology and production of 2 series of silicone molds, 6 series and 7 Series

6 series of HY-620, HY-625, HY-638, HY-640 etc.

7 Series: HY-718, HY-728, HY-738 etc.

These series of silicone mold has a low viscosity, good fluidity, good operation, easy to discharge foam, tensile tear strength, easy perfusion, rollover frequency characteristics, for large, small, product model, can be used.

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