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Clay mold silicone-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

        Clay sculpture is Chinese old manual process, using clay as raw material, with manual pinch-shaped, figures, animal mainly. They are divided into hand and molding. Clay mold is the soil pressure in the prototype printed on the mold, common single mode and dual mode chip, there are many films die. From the mold press clay blank is used, usually is the first and the good mud rolling into a sheet, and then pressed into a mold, and then put two pieces of pressure good mud pressing mold closure, and a " bottom ", namely in the clay bottom glue a piece of mud making clay figurines, hollow outer Yan, in the matrix on leave a hole, the casing inside and outside air circulation, so as to avoid the tire air pressure variation of stucco.

         The traditional clay mold is mentioned above that, now the application of new high tech materials silicone mold. Silicone mold has good tensile strength, tear strength, resistance to high temperature, mold can be used repeatedly for many times. The use of hand, mold number can reduce cost, improve quality and yield. According to what you want over die size, pattern fine selection of different hardness silicone mold. Hardness of soft suitable for small, product design precision small or pattern is complex and hard to release the small complex products and mold production.

            Moderate hardness, it can be used for crafts, but also can be used to make furniture decoration materials, not only can make the product can also be small product. Hardness, mainly for the large product opened die or die, such as a large sculpture statue figure copying, furniture, furniture, building decoration, large cement mold making.

              Silicone mold main use contains all walks of life such as: building on the European component, sandstone relief, gypsum products, culture stone. Automobile tire mold, toys, gifts, fine pattern resin, crafts, pieces of cement products. Shenzhen Hongye Jie the company developed a new type of E642 silicone mold reached the level of food, non-toxic and tasteless, through the FDA food grade certification. E642 suitable for casting epoxy resin, polyester resin, polystyrene, vinyl, paraffin, large cement component, culture stone, concrete, also used for metal crafts, alloy vehicle such as a precision mold manufacturing mold manufacturing, food grade.

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