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Resin photo frame with silicone mold-HongYe silicone


        Resin photo frame with resin as the main raw material for chemical industry. Resin product having metal strength, also known as glass steel. In the production of resin raw material liquid, has the very good mobility easy molding. Resin photo frame with silicone mold is a two-component addition silicone material, can be cured at room temperature or heating curing.

Resin photo frame with silicone mold characteristics:

1 low shrinkage rate, cross-linking process does not produce low molecule, so the constant volume, shrinkage is less than 0.1%
2 not products thickness limitation, depth of curing
3 has excellent resistance to high temperature, the temperature can reach 300-500 degree
4 food grade, non-toxic and tasteless, through the FDA food grade certification
5 high tensile strength, tear strength, molds more times6 good fluidity, easy perfusion; can be cured at room temperature or heating curing, easy operation

       Resin photo frame with silicone mold use:For die casting epoxy resin, polyester resin, polystyrene, vinyl, paraffin, large cement component, culture stone, concrete, also used for metal crafts, alloy vehicle such as a precision mold manufacturing, mold manufacturing, food grade.

Use method and matters needing attention:

       A, B two fractions of 1:1 by weight, mixing, vacuum degassing can irrigate. Room temperature ( 28 degrees) 30 minutes of operation time, 2-3 hours fully cured; temperature 60-120 degrees, within a few minutes curing is very.•the operation to and use of condensation type silica gel separate from the container, with unused room temperature operation of the silica gel silica gel tools.•before use, first in the mold for skin test, to see if it will be cured, and then put into use

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