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Anti magnetic force for silica gel-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

        Anti magnetic force for silica gel is designed for absorbing radiation, prevent high frequency electronic components interference model material. Anti magnetic force for silica gel is a new type of wave absorbing material, can be purified and the establishment of health electromagnetic space-time, so that people can enjoy the multimedia information and receive the benefits and power transmission, and protection of the human body and electrical damage and interference. Diamagnetism is some substance to the atomic magnetic moment of electron balance each other, and the magnetic moment is zero. But when subjected to an applied magnetic field, electron orbit motion will change, but in the opposite direction and the magnetic field generating very small and magnetic moment. Said magnetic material magnetic susceptibility becomes very small negative.

         Novel silica gel can be made of silicone rubber plate type absorbing patch, silicone rubber peak type absorbing patch, electromagnetic wave interference resisting silicone rubber absorbing patch, RF shielding box for absorbing patch, eliminate radiation computer host box patch, eliminate radiation computer display patch, indoor the elimination of radiation protection.

          Anti magnetic force for silica gel as the most widely used is a magnetic card. Magnetic card is a magnetic recording medium card. It consists of high strength, high temperature resistant plastic or paper coating made of plastic, moisture resistance, abrasion resistance and a certain degree of flexibility, convenient carrying, use a more stable and reliable. Usually, a magnetic card side printed with that message, such as the direction of inserting; another side with a magnetic layer or the magnetic stripe, with 2-3 track to record the relevant information and data. Anti magnetic force for silica gel material coated on the card or to be about 6-14mm wide strip is pressed on the card. There are three tracks on a magnetic stripe. Magnetic card information reading and writing is relatively simple and easy, convenient use, low cost, and earlier access to the development, and entered into the multiple application domains, such as prepaid phone card, charge card, appointment card, ticket, credit card, credit card.

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