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Fine pattern special silicone complex mode-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Fine pattern special silicone complex mode           Silicone mold is used to better production molds, easy to use. In the production of fine tread mold when making the selection Silicone when particular attention, small pieces of product and the pattern is very fine should choose low hardness. After curing does not damage patterns, easy demoulding. Moderate hardness mold, used for slice die or die, for medium and small pieces of handicrafts, crafts size at about 50CM, can be used for fine pattern production. Has the advantages of good tensile strength, tear strength, resistance to high temperature, model number, can be used repeatedly, and the low rate of contraction.

         Fine pattern special silicone complex mode in use is also with the advantage. Has excellent liquidity, good maneuverability, room temperature curing agent is added 2%, 3%, 30 minutes is also operable, 2 - 5 hours after forming, with no deformation, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no expansion etc.. Silica color can be arbitrarily formulated. Special soft silicone mold or complex patterns and precision of small, can be added to adjust the 5%-10% silicone oil silicone mold softness, in order to release.

         The entire mold making process is as follows: first is the brush clean mold ( mold release agent for ), and ratio of silica gel, silica gel evenly stirring, vacuum injection mold. The final curing mold. This entire process is so simple.

         Fine pattern special silicone complex mode is white or red flowing liquid, general product after curing, the hardness is 25±2A °ranging. The complex patterns and fine tiny mold, such as packet mode, must use soft silicone mold to mold. On the contrary, if the customer needs to make the product, such as a split mold, will with high hardness silicone mold to mold. The amount of curing agent amount in relation to the curing time, fast drying, rapid removal of the mold, the corresponding to more curing agent. Conversely, if the need to slowly release, then add a little less curing agent. But the adding amount of curing agent can not exceed a maximum of 5%.

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