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Transparent crystal gel-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

Transparent crystal gel silicone       Transparent crystal gel is a colorless transparent liquid, has good liquidity, excellent resistance to ozone, ultraviolet light resistance, aging resistance and excellent electrical insulation properties, in the negative 60 ~ 200 degrees for long-term use, transparent crystal gel used for potting material waterproof sealing.

Transparent crystal gel technology refers to the Lord

1 simulation water glue, good fluidity, defoaming good performance;
2 temperature curing, curing speed;
3 cured good transparency, surface smooth, shiny, no bubbles, strong adhesion;
4.The curable material has good solvent resistance, toughness and resistance to yellowing.
5 suitable for handicrafts, artificial flowers, artificial plants and flower arrangement art glass products such as perfusion;
6 other products transparent Yi matter perfusion or package;

 Transparent crystal gel silicone method :

Use the rubber from the packaging barrel is removed, and required glue, rubber curing agent by: 100:5 ( weight ratio) ratio stirring and vacuum exhaust bubble ( or compressed air bubble ), poured into the dry cleaning of casting parts, 3-4 hours to be fully vulcanized.Transparent crystal silicone curing speed and ambient temperature are closely related, the higher the temperature, the faster the sulfide, users can according to the temperature, appropriate timing adjustment amount of curing agent, thereby achieving the ideal vulcanizing speed.

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