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The LED module potting silicone-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

The LED module potting silicone          The LED module potting adhesive can be used for LED module, power module, semiconductor module and encapsulation, can play a moisture-proof, waterproof, thermal conductivity, insulation effect; and compared when cured epoxy pouring sealant, no shrinkage, can not generate stress damage elements, and the resistance to yellowing. Easy to remove, repair of LED module again potting, no obvious seams.

          The LED module potting adhesive is mainly used in the electronic industry, the product is divided into transparent and flame retardant. Room temperature or medium temperature curing, it has a sulfur before low viscosity, pouring, curing time is not heat, no low molecular release, shrinkage of small, no corrosion, vulcanized rubber in -60℃ ~180 ℃for long-term use, with moisture-proof, waterproof, radiation resistance, weathering resistance characteristics. Heating fast curable, suitable for large quantities of potting, excellent electrical performance, for the electronic components of the sealing, bonding, coating material, moisture, insulation, shockproof, such as flame-retardant effect.

The main characteristics of LED module potting:
( 1) after mixing, low viscosity, good debubbling; color: transparent, black, white.
( 2) used at room temperature, room temperature curing period of 10-12 hours, the temperature in the curing speed of 2-3 hours, can be affected by temperature changes and bending peel away stress, no corrosion;
( 3) after curing, mechanical properties and electrical properties of excellent, small shrinkage, curing light transmittance.

         The LED module potting silicone method1 according to the specific requirements of selecting transparent or flame retardant products. Transparent type according to a certain percentage of the A, B two components are mixed evenly, vacuum degassing can be used after. Flame retardant type placed long-term compound may produce precipitation, before use should be respectively mix, then A, B components are mixed uniformly, rows of foam can be used after.2 were potting element should be clean, dry net, drying or dry, at room temperature sealing. The encapsulated should vacuum removing air bubble.3 according to the need of room temperature or heating curing.

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