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Silicon rubber sealing ring-HongYe silicone Date:2013-04-23

        Silicon rubber sealing ring in daily life and industrial life of very wide application, the existing traditional market silica gel sealing rings are used in molding machine extrusion molding, and the use of this technology to the high cost and the production efficiency is slow. In addition, the molding machine extruding molding processing technology out of the ring, which is easily broken, so using this technology will affect the quality of the product.

        Making process of silicone rubber, silicone with extruder, and then by the baking process, cut into a round, in connection with liquid silicone, and then curing, baking treatment, so that the gel formation on silica gel sealing ring, and the silica gel sealing ring is made of the same material for connection; after finished the experiment, the production process for the production of silicon rubber sealing ring with large tensile strength, and the strength of joints is greater than the other position; this method has low cost, good product quality, production efficiency is high.

        Making process of silicone rubber, steps are as follows:

       1 silicone rubber vulcanizing agent after joining, by open mill pressure evenly into the extruder, extruding silica gel;
       2 the extruded silicone oven baked by good collection, and then into the oven and bake at rest;
       3 the baking after silicone strip is cut into required length, in length, into a round, and in just the incision is coated  
          with liquid silicone, and then inserted into a connecting die, will die in the vulcanizing machine for vulcanization;
        4 two cutting component junction after pruning, and then into the oven baking molding

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